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My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best. –Winston Churchill

Katie Lara is on a quest to find the best life has to offer. She appreciates luxury and has never been satisfied with anything but the finest things in life.

I’m a thirty-something mom living in New York City. I’m a total type-A perfectionist about…everything… childcare, health, fashion, fitness and travel. I’m a lawyer by day and a moonlight contributor to outlets like Forbes, The Huffington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Parent’s magazine, Fodor’s, and many more. I cover everything from luxury travel to baby products to healthy living to life in New York city!

But as they say, it takes a village. Since becoming a mother, I have learned that I don’t have the answers to everything or the time to figure it out. BUT–I do have the skills to research and find the right people who do. I have figured out reliable experts to follow that carry clout for each of their industries and I follow them because they are the best in their fields.

The best lesson I have learned since becoming a mom is that if it hurts–you’re doing it right. What I mean by that is, the harder it is, the more likely it is that that’s the right course of action. Feeding your kids healthy food takes more work than slinging a frozen waffle on a plate but it’s clearly the way you should go.

I have also learned that often mainstream ways of thinking aren’t the best ones for you or your family.


I’m insanely passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. And not like I eat my vegetables…I take it to the next level… I research every product I purchase (grocery, personal care, cleaning product) for hours to make sure that the company’s manufacturing standards and ingredients are up to my standards. I try to eat vegan often and limit sugar and refined carbohydrates when I can exercise self control. I have found that if you know where to look there are plenty of delicious recipes using real foods that taste just as good–I swear.

My #lifegoal has always been to find the best the world has to offer–in everything I have never been able to settle for something knowing something better was out there. My blog’s purpose is to share what I’ve learned after diligent (perhaps obsessive) amounts of research to find the best options (be it hotel, restaurant, beauty or baby product). I chronicle what I have learned and arm my readers with everything I have discovered about life hacks to living my best life. My honest (and dare I say hilarious) opinions and Type-A research about everything is a guaranteed must-read for all women–especially moms! I publish only the best and weed out the mehhh so that you need not waste your time.

katie-lara-acqualina shares recommendations for food, family products, travel, fashion and beyond. While I love the Five Star experience, my quest for the best can often uncover amazing products, restaurants or experiences in the most unexpected places that even the most seasoned luxury connoisseur can appreciate!