Review of Trolls the Experience NYC: What to Expect and is the Hair We Go VIP Experience Add-On Ticket Worth the Upgrade?

We had a chance to visit Trolls the Experience in New York City this past weekend so I wanted to give you a review and let you know what to expect. I also wanted to give some advice about Trolls the Experience VIP Hairs Up experience and tell you if I think it’s worth the upgrade.

When you arrive, everyone can check strollers and coats for free. Since we did get the upgraded tickets to do the Hair We Go VIP Experience Add-On Ticket, we were placed in a shorter line upon arrival. However, since tickets have timed entry, neither line was really that long. We waited about 5 minutes (though with a toddler it can feel like an hour haha).

For VIPs, the experience starts in the Hair We Go Salon. Kids are given a furry troll hair piece (or headband) and a full-face paint/makeover. Kids can choose between Poppy, Guy Diamond, generic Rainbow and Branch. VIPs are then brought to a makeup artist who does face painting. The face painting is a little intense for little ones (our daughter right now is only two). Our makeup artist didn’t understand why we didn’t want to do a full face covered in paint and fact, kind of aggressively kept continuing despite us telling her to stop. She oddly said “but she said she wants glitter” in reference to my daughter. So just be aware you may have to explain why you don’t want a full face of paint for smaller (or older) kids.

To upgrade to the VIP tickets, you need to also purchase general admission tickets. The upgraded experience is an extra $ 40 on top of the regular tickets, which are $40. You can only upgrade your kids tickets though, you don’t need to do it for every member in your party (adults). Do note that you need your VIP upgrade to match the time of your regular admission.

Now that you’ve transformed into a Troll, it’s time to enjoy the adventure. You’ll stop at Branch’s Musical Mashup (make music with the fun and whimsical troll critters, on the Caterbus for a confetti party,  and then you’ll be invited to a 3D dance party with an enormous screen (10 x 25 feet!) where Poppy, Branch and all their friends rock out to the best of the Trolls soundtrack.

Before the final attraction, you’ll be invited to take a family photo that’s printed out on the spot. You’ll take this and other stickers given out along the way to create scrapbook pages.

Finally, you’ll get to meet a real live Princess poppy! If you have impatient little ones, be sure to have someone get in line while you’re making the scrapbook pages to minimize wait time. Our daughter had a little meltdown because she (understandably) just wanted to hug Poppy the second she saw her.

And don’t miss the adorable gift and sweet shop on your way out (of course they don’t let you as you have to walk through). It’s absolutely adorable with tons of fun merchandise. The treats look delectable, too. And there are a handful of tables too to eat or have a snack before leaving.

So, my review of Trolls: The Experience? We loved Trolls: The Experience. It’s happy and fun. It takes about an hour to go through. Now, do I think you need to upgrade to the VIP tickets? I actually don’t think it’s necessary to have a good time. The main offerings are the Troll hairpiece and the face painting. So if you want that, then by all means, experience it. However, all ticket holders have the same experience for the rest of the adventure.

See more details about how to purchase tickets to Trolls: The Experience and VIP Trolls Tickets. Trolls: The Experience is located in New York City at 218 West 57th Street, New York, NY.

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