Travelingpanties’ Holiday Giveaway: Snag a $250 @FourSeasons Gift Card

Yes, you read that title right! It’s no secret that the Four Seasons is definitely one of my favorite hotel brands! If you’re a regular reader of Travelingpanties, a quick spin around my site will show you that I’ve been to the Four Seasons in MiamiNevis, Buenos Aires, Uruguay, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Koele Lodge, and Manele Bay and those are just the ones I’ve had a chance to review!

To say that I’m luxe-loving traveler would be an understatement. And to say that the Four Seasons is my favorite hotel brand pretty much goes without saying. So, since it’s the holidays I handpicked what I think is the perfect gift for my readers!  I’m so excited to announce that I’m going to give away a Four Seasons Gift Card $250 USD to one of my lucky readers!

It’s true what they say! Good things do come in small packages! Or should I say AMAZING things come in small packages! Gift cards are always my preferred present! If you know a luxe-obsessed traveler, a Four Seasons Gift Card is the perfect gift! It literally puts the world at their fingertips–or mine if you’re looking to buy me something nice, eh?

The Four Seasons always offer unparalleled service, impeccable decor and Five Star quality. And I personally love how Four Seasons hotels always flavor the hotel with furniture, music and decorations influenced by the local culture. And you know the Four Seasons are only in all the best locales! I actually have chosen to visit cities based solely on the fact that there was a Four Seasons there!

You can use the Four Seasons Gift Card at any Four Seasons location around the world! Want some of my own personal travel inspiration? Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

We visited Chiang Mai on our honeymoon and it turned out to be one of our favorite destinations ever!

Another one of the most exotic locales I’ve ever been to was in Koh Samui (below)

Also loved The Four Seasons Lodge at Koele Lana’i in Hawaii!

Check out the view of the pool from my room in Buenos Aires! We actually met Madonna’s son and saw her daughter while laying out one afternoon. No big deal, right?

Here I am in Uruguay at the Four Seasons Carmelo!

Best Resort in Uruguay Five Star

But I digress! You can also use it for Four Seasons experiences to make your trip even more magical. Think: cooking classes (Chiang Mai), custom perfume blending session (Lanai), spa experiences (Carmelo) or even a fabulous meal at one of the Four Season’s award-winning restaurants!

One of my favorite brunches is at the Four Seasons New York! Complete with cocktails of course!

Best Brunch NYC Near Central Park

And one of my al-time favorite experiences was the Dive and Dine Program at the Four Seasons Nevis!

Or probably my most amazing meal ever at Le Cinq at The Four Seasons George V in Paris!

Intrigued yet? Well, entering is a piece of cake!

To Enter, you must complete ALL of the following:

1. Subscribe to my blog via email (Enter your email on the top of the right-hand column. Note you will have to click a link in the email to activate). You only receive an email when I post, which usually isn’t more than once a week.

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3. Answer this question, by commenting below: Which Four Seasons would you use the gift card for?

That’s it, subscribe, follow, share, comment! And you’re entered!

Entries will be accepted until December 17, 2014 at 5:00 PM (EST). A winner will be randomly selected on December 18th 2014. I will email the winner and get your address to send you your prize! (Be sure to use a valid email in your comment so I can contact you)

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.55.02 PM

*This contest has ended. I chose our winner, Michelle Rockwell.  I used Random.Org to choose who won! Michelle, please expect an email from me to find out your mailing information for us to send your gift card! Please check your spam and contact us through the blog if you don’t see an email.*

To learn more about giving the gift of your loved one’s dreams, be sure to click here.

*The Four Seasons donated this gift card for me to give away to one of my lovely reader, however, I am not being compensated in any other way for hosting this giveaway…unless you count the joy it will give me to share this with one of you guys! Happy Holidays to all my wonderful supporters!!! You’re the reason why I’m able to do what I do!*


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