A Review of the new Freestyle Flex Breast Pump, Medela’s Newest, Smallest, Lightweight Pump

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New Moms who breastfeed or are planning to nurse, I’ve got a review of the brand new Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump. It’s Medela’s smallest, lightest breast pump yet! The Medela Freestyle Flex offers the most mobility since it can fit in your palm, pocket or purse. Seriously, it’s tiny! I couldn’t believe it. Bring it on the go–charge and recharge so you don’t even need a plug to be able to pump. Pump wherever you are–even if there is no power outlet available.

Freestyle Flex is designed to support the active mom’s lifestyle. Improving upon the best attributes of the original, the new Freestyle Flex Breast Pump allows moms the freedom to pump on the go offering a rechargeable, smaller, connected hands-free breast pump. The redesigned Freestyle Flex weighs about a pound, and offers cordless flexibility so that mom no longer needs to be tethered to a pump to continue her breast milk feeding journey.

If you’ve been a longtime reader, you may remember that I’m a huge fan of the Medela Sonata Smart Breast pump. I used it back when I had my daughter, just a little over three years ago–and it saved my life. After having many nursing complications, I found the Medela Sonata to be effective and modern–less of a torture device like the first pump I had been using (seriously, that noise will haunt me forever). Now that I’m pregnant again, I’m even more excited to try Medela’s newest pump, the Freestyle Flex. I wanted to share what I know so that you can figure out if it’s the right pump for you.

Here are my top highlights that impressed me about the Medela Freestyle Flex:

  • Pump on the move – Freestyle Flex doesn’t leave you tethered to a pump that’s plugged into the wall. It supports an active mom’s lifestyle (especially if you’re a second-time mommy like I’m going to be). The redesigned Freestyle Flex weighs only a pound and let’s you pump hands-free. We love the Easy Expression Bustier® (sold separately), which holds everything in place so you can cook, clean or read a magazine and relax like you should.
  • Pump without a Power Outlet – Freestyle Flex offers two hours of pumping time (so roughly about eight double pumping sessions) and more options for charging, allowing mom to pump without being connected to a power outlet.
  • Get the Most Milk – The Freestyle Flex offers Medela’s 2-Phase Expression® technology, known for helping moms pump more milk faster. Medela’s unique rhythm mimics your baby’s sucking rhythm to stimulate milk flow.
  • PersonalFit Flex Breast Shield – With the new PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield, you can easily adapt the way your Medela pump fits to help you find the most comfortable, most efficient position to pump – even as your breast shape changes. This shape is different than the traditional round cones offered by Medela before. According to Medela, they are proven to remove 11.8 percent more milk per minute compared to traditional 90° breast shields.
  • Track your Sessions – I love that it can be paired with MyMedela to track nursing sessions and activity. You can keep track of times of pumping sessions, track the settings you’ve used, and record how much breast milk you’ve expressed. For your convenience, the app also notifies you when the battery is running low. With my first daughter, you think you’ll remember everything in between sessions, after all, there’s usually only a few hours in between–but trust me, when you have a new baby, this is much harder than you think. Being able to track and store it right at your fingertips is huge.
  • Lactation Support – With each purchase mom gets 30 days free access to 24/7 LC through MyMedela, on-demand lactation support (calls are typically answered in less than 30 seconds, and users have access 24-hours a day, seven days a week).

The Medela Freestyle Flex is available now online. If you liked this review, hook a sister up and click one of my links in this post.

I’ll be sure to write more as I begin to use the pump so check back for my thoughts, tips and breastfeeding tricks! Have you had a chance to try the Medela Freestyle Flex breast pump yet? Let us know in the comments!

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