Lana’i Must Eat Restaurant: Lana’i City Grille

Lana’i City Grille at Hotel Lana’i is a true gem that’s worth it’s high price tag in my opinion.  Afterall, nothing is locally grown on Lana’i so everything has to be either shipped or brought onto the island.  The food was nicely presented, generous and very tasty.  The drinks were poured with love and the Aloha spirit.  The restaurant is owned by a husband and wife who have poured their heart and soul into the menu and ambience.  Michelle Kommes, the restaurant manager and wife of the brilliant chef greets patrons with a warm and cheerful smile and walks around to make sure everyone’s meals are perfect.  This meal is definitely splurgeworthy, we felt like we had truly had a unique Lana’i experience.


For appetizers we had the crabcakes and the seared tuna with a coconut sauce. Both of them were perfect and tasty.  The crabmeat was especially fresh and wonderful.

We also got a salad, which if you’re trying to save money I’d skip and stick to the mouth watering appetizers, which are some truly creative and mouth-watering dishes.

They truly saved the best for last here. The oven baked chocolate chip cookie was absolutely the most amazing dessert I think I’ve ever had. And I am pretty discriminating when it comes to my chocolate chip cookies since my dad makes them the best but this ooey gooey cookie bursts with warm oozing dough when you take the first bite.  It would be worth visiting Lanai City Grille if only for this.

Pictured above was what survived.

Visit Lana’i City Grille’s website for more information and to make reservations.  It gets pretty packed at night so make sure to make your reservations early.

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