Top 5 Must-Have Beauty Products for a Tropical Getaway


We’re back with another edition of must-have travel essentials as told through our favorite beauty experts in the industry. Today’s feature is by one of our favorites, Jamie Stone! I met Jamie several years ago when we bonded over our dislike of bitchy and anorexic bloggers. We made plans immediately to go drink our faces off to be followed by Chipotle and Crumbs cupcakes. Do you see why I like her yet? Well, aside from being a cool chick, Jamie is a pro in the beauty, blogging, social stratosphere. Jamie is a social media and PR consultant in addition to freelance writing for many beauty outlets she pens, her blog. So I asked her, Jamie, what are your travel essentials.

1. Sunblock: obviously, if you’ve seen my skin.


2. Sleep mask: a necessity for sleeping on planes and for rooms that get too much sun in the morning.



3. Tinted moisturizer and lip gloss with SPF: the most minimal makeup you can do.

4. Comfortable (yet stylish sandals): Something you can actually walk in but still look chic for going out.


5. Day to night dress that can be dressed up or down with accessories: crucial for going from the beach to dinner and drinks!

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