A Review of the Newly Renovated Chairman’s Suite at Sands Casino Resort at Bethlehem

I had the opportunity to visit the Sands Casino’s resort in Bethlehem, PA on an all-expenses-paid overnight trip and I have to admit, I was skeptical! But I was really blown away by the level of luxury. There are a couple can’t miss things around the property, but let’s start with its crown jewel, the Chairman’s suite!

The Room

We were whisked from our front door to a very friendly and convenient check-in outside the hustle and bustle of the Lobby. The Suite is 1,600 square feet and fit for a King, or a Chairman as the case may be.

The Suite itself consists of a master bathroom, bedroom and closet, plus a dining room and living room, and a small media room situated off the dining room.

Coming from New York City, any of these rooms on its own is almost double a hotel room in NYC. So the space was much appreciated! There were snacks, water and fresh fruit all available and the concierge took time out to drop a few special treats by our room as well.

But the room isn’t everything, the Chairman’s suite is also situated on a special VIP floor with its own lounge, complete with TV, food, and bar service! The staff was attentive to our every need when coming and going, and the lounge was a great place to relax and have a cocktail before heading down into the Casino.

The Nightlife

We were in town for a very special concert in the Event Center, the legend Tony Bennett. After the show, we headed out for a quick bite (more on that later) and then hit the Casino floor. We aren’t the biggest gamblers but found ourselves on the floor hours later because the casino is the size of almost THREE football fields. We made our way from the slots to the live dealers area, and were able to stop at the Coil bar in the middle of the casino for a quick refreshment. Before tucking in for the night, we also stopped by the Molten Lounge for some dancing and more live entertainment. I love a good live band!

Non-stop Dining

In twenty-four hours, I think we ate enough for a week! Honestly the biggest regret to leaving so early is that we could only sample three of the restaurants; there are TEN from a grab-n-go market to sit-down options by Chef Emeril Lagasse. We chose Buddy Vs and it was delicious. Really, I had my reservations about a chain restaurant but was pleasantly surprised. Topped off with a couple of late night cannoli from Carlo’s Bakery. The next day, we had to stop at Carnegie Deli for a little taste of New York in Bethlehem.

Back to the Room

But did we mention the Chairman’s suite?! It was so amazing there are a few other amenities we forgot to mention. Bathrooms fit for a queen (or king!) with Toto brand toilets; yep, the ones with heated seats, auto-flush and its own control panel. Our other favorite thing about their Chairman’s suite was the view, Bethlehem has a historic steel plant and there’s a gorgeous view of the old smoke stacks and the Lehigh  river. We visited in fall and the foliage was beautiful. Also, we mentioned the Tony Bennett show, but did we mention staying on a VIP floor might just land you the opportunity to run into some VIP guests 😉

Oh and this closet makes me happy.

Final Thoughts

The casino was a fun little getaway. If you are a connoisseur of luxury though, the only safe bet at the hotel is to book a Chairman Suite. I can’t speak for the other rooms but this room was mind-blowing.

For more information, visit their website.

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