Sesame Street Live! How to Get VIP Tickets and What is the Pre-Show Experience and What to Expect?

In case you haven’t heard, Sesame Street Live! is amazing. Not exactly breaking news, right? But here’s something you may not know…there is a VIP experience before the show that lots of people don’t know about. It’s called the Pre-Show and it was really an awesome experience.

To go to the Sesame Street Live! pre-show experience you have to also have tickets to the main show. Depending on where you see the show, regular tickets can start as low as $15 (though of course there is a range up to about $79 each). You must purchase tickets for everyone in your party over the age of one year old. Once you’ve purchased regular tickets, you can get tickets to the live pre-show experience. There are only about 200 tickets to each pre-show experience (this includes kids and adults). So be sure to book these in advance. Not every Sesame Street Live! performance offers a pre-show experience so be sure to check before you purchase tickets. Note that not every member of your party needs to be present for the pre-show experience, so if you want to attend with one child but your significant other and a younger child do not, your party can separate and meet up again for the main event.

So, what is the Sesame Street Live! Pre-show experience? It’s an interactive pre-show that takes place 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the show.  Families who purchase these tickets go into the main theater before the general audience. They sort the pre-show members into groups. When your group is called, you’re invited on stage and the characters in the show actually interact with the kids. You can also have photo opportunities with the set. It’s really worth it if you ask me, otherwise your kids don’t get to see much of the Sesame Street Live! cast or set. Even if you have great seats, you’re still pretty far away.

During the pre-show families take a tour of Sesame Street, where they can sit on the steps of the 123 Brownstone building, check out the what’s in stock at Mr. Hooper’s store, learn a dance from Cookie Monster, create magic with Abby Caddabby, sing with Oscar the Grouch and Elmo, use their imaginations to play dress up, learn how to sort recyclables from trash and create artwork. There are often also characters available to take photographs with. We had Big Bird at our performance. And there was a lovely staff member there to take your photo for you.

The pre-show experience was truly a highlight of the show for us!

The pre-show experience lasts about 45 minutes by the time you get in there and take photos, see the characters and admire the set. There is then a 30-minute break between the pre-show and the main show. The main show is about an hour and a half, which includes a 15-minute intermission. During the break between the pre-show and the start, you can use the restroom and purchase food and merchandise. You also have access to your seats immediately if you just want to rest or squeeze in a nap.

It’s really a fabulous time. We loved it! And have the pictures to prove it because you’re allowed to use a still camera to take pictures of the experience. Although there may be one character off the stage entertaining waiting pre-show-goers, (like I said, Big Bird was there for ours) you don’t have an opportunity to pose with each character on set. However, you can take photos as they perform and interact.

Keep in mind that you should pack light. Each venue is different but many (including Madison Square Garden) require you to check larger strollers.

Let me know if you have any questions about the Sesame Street Live! Pre-Show experience for VIP clientele in the comments! For ticket and show information, click here.

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