Concierge Confidential: Luxury Trip to New York City. Inside and Local Tips from Top Hotel Experts in the World

One of the best parts of staying in a luxury hotel is the access to the ultimate insider–the concierge. A good concierge prides him or herself on providing expert information for locals and visitors alike. If you’re at a good hotel, you should be able, in my opinion, to leave your schedule somewhat open and let the concierge help you choose your own adventure. He or she should be able to recommend not just the most well-known and luxurious options but also places that you wouldn’t find on your own, the hidden gems. They should also have the connections to get you in to where you want to be with little notice.  It is their job to upgrade your stay after all.
I’ve decided to interview some of these experts and find out their favorite recommendations for the ultimate luxury travelers.
Any concierge can provide a map or a dinner recommendation. These concierges, though can make the impossible happen through their wealth of knowledge and network of contacts. So here’s what they’ve got in store for their VIP guests.
Today we’ve snagged an interview with David Moreno, Chief Concierge at Loews Regency New York Hotel. He’s going to share with us some of his expert luxury travel tips for New York City.
So let’s get into it!

What’s your favorite part about your job? 

It’s always different. I know when I walk through the doors each day there is a different challenge waiting to test my abilities and skills – whether it’s a rare and special request from a guest or pleasing even the most discerning traveler.

Why do you think your hotel is the best in town? 

Because the entire hotel staff truly cares for one another and our guests. We provide efficient, warm and genuine service. It also doesn’t hurt that we are in the best location – Park Avenue and 61st on the famed Upper East Side, just a block or two from Central Park and 5th Avenue – what could be better?

What’s the most special thing at your hotel?

That it’s a place for everyone. Just like New York City is the world’s melting point, in a sense we are too. People from all over the world comes to stay here. You can see diversity at its best – people from different countries, religions and cultures. I think that makes it more genuine and real.

What are the top three things in your city that you don’t think any visitor can miss?

That is a hard question! I always recommend seeing the Oculus, Statue of Liberty, High Line & view NYC from Dumbo in Brooklyn at night. The U.S. Open is coming up next month and that is something very New York. Guests can book the Park Avenue Advantage package if they are coming to town for that.

What’s an experience that will make visitors feel like a true local?

Walk through different neighborhoods like East Village, West Village and Uptown – where you can go and admire the beautiful pre-war buildings. This summer we created a package experience called Martinis and Montauk where guests can stay here for two nights then spend two nights at the Montauk Yacht Club out East. This lets our guests feel like really New Yorkers.

What are your picks for under-the-radar gems only experts know about? 

Two great restaurants they are also in our neighborhood are Scalinatella and Sistina.  I also love The Blond , Beekman and Rose Bar downtown.

What’s the craziest request you’ve ever had? What’s the craziest request you’ve ever satisfied?

Once I got a call from a guest requesting they see the Broadway Show “Cats” in their room.  I thought they just wanted to see the show, but after clarifying with the guest, we called the producers of the show who, by my surprise were willing to come with a few members of the show (7) and perform a short version of the show.   The guest was amazed that we were able to put this together in a few hours and after inviting some of his friends the show went on in his suite, costumes and all. The guest was super happy and his guests couldn’t believe he went that far for his friends.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Concierges do little and big miracles every day. Concierges help and support each other, not only within the same team at the hotel but, also with colleagues all over the city and the world.  I’m so lucky to have the team that I have who won the Hotel Experience Award as Best Concierge Services this year.  That doesn’t happen by accident. It’s because the team cares and has passion for the hospitality industry.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us David! As a local New Yorker, even I think I learned a few things from your advice!

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