Top 10 Ten Reasons Aroma Espresso Bar is Better than Starbucks

This is our new favorite spot and here’s why…

1. The Aroma on the Upper West Side has outdoor seating as well as indoor seating.

2. Aroma’s bathrooms are immaculate unlike Starbucks’, which have become synonymous with homeless shelters…

3. Aroma’s food is spectacular and high quality.

4. Aroma’s cups are cool. It looks like you get what you’re paying for. It’s definitely an upscale coffee shop but unlike Starbucks.

5. Aroma has freshly baked bread (white, light grain and whole wheat) for sandwiches and salads, which are made on the premises not pre-made and left in an inadequate refrigerator (ahem, Starbucks, what?).

6. Aroma gives you a little piece of chocolate with your coffee drink.

7. Aroma’s food is reasonably priced–a whole sandwich is $8 but they’re huge. I’m a pig and a half sandwich is plenty big. (To add chicken, roast beef, tuna, etc. is only an extra $1.25!) The salads, which are huge too are only $10.50.

The Greek is our fave–feta, olive tapenade and lettuce. We also add chicken. Yum! I had it 2 days in a row this weekend.

Roquefort Salad with Mushrooms is delish!

8. Aroma has fresh lemons for their delectable tea selection unlike ‘Bucks.

9. Aroma has freshly squeezed fruit juices (orange, carrot, and apple) not just Naked smoothies that they jack up the prices for.

10. Aroma’s baked goods are amazing and all baked on the premises too. Think chocolate filled croissants, danish and streudel. Yum.

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