Best Restaurant in Vermont- Simon Pearce is Worth Every Penny Best Romantic Getaway From New York City!

So, as you know, Panties, I recently returned from a fantastic trip to Vermont. On our journey a friend recommended Simon Pearce restaurant to us so we figured we’d try it on my birthday. I’m telling you, this was probably the most romantic dinner I’ve ever been to. And not to steal credit away from BF but it had a little something to do with the ambiance (though we really appreciated the forethought of bringing a 2 and an 8 candle!). We sat at a table outside but in a room that could be enclosed by glass should it need to be. Our table overlooked a small but gorgeous waterfall. Things got even better when we got to watch a rainstorm from our seats, sipping champagne without getting wet. There was even a rainbow at the end! Okay, okay, no rainbow but it was spectacular. You can watch the sunset and the falls and the food is reasonably priced, for a nice meal. Entrees range from $22-$30. A glass of sparkling wine starts at $8.50. My favorite thing was the Pinot Noir Rose Frizzante (which I think was like 12)! I mean, sparkling red wine? I could not imagine a more perfect drink. BF and I split all the appetizers (LOL, seriously, just not the Duck Crepe) and 2 salads. It was all perfectly delicious and completely reasonable (especially since it was my birthday so I wasn’t paying). If I were to pick one I think I’d go with the Mushroom strudel. Yumm.

The restaurant is acclaimed as one of Vermont’s finest, drawing Gourmet Magazine’s highest rating from food critic Peter S. Jennison, who writes, “The coarse Ballymaloe bread that arrives at your table with a crock of sweet butter is, almost alone, worth the trip. We have never been disappointed by the cuisine.”

The meal was accented with Simon Pearce homeade glassware and pottery, which is available for purchase in the connected store (or online here). They’re not cheap but they are extremely well made.

And you wanna hear about going green? They have always recycled their glass, metal and cardboard and are currently considering composting all of their food scraps in a commercial composting facility. Their goal is to reduce our waste to as close to zero as possible. They use the freshest ingredients from local farms. Perhaps my favorite thing about the restaurant that I learned is that its Chef, Joshua drives a Mercedes to and from work that they converted to run off the canola oil leftover from the restaurant. They no longer dispose of this oil and the engine emits considerably fewer pollutants into the atmosphere than gasoline powered vehicles. Talk about an inspiration!

The restaurant is located in the quaint town of Quechee, VT. We stayed in Cavendish, which was about 4.5 hours from the city and Quechee is about 45 minutes to an hour from there. Wonderful, relaxing and memorable experience!

Check out Simon Pearce at their website today!

*We did NOT receive anything in exhange for this review…in fact Simon Pearce has no idea we even did it.

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