Best Mexican Restaurant on Upper West Side in Manhattan NYC! Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover…If you even noticed it

Manhattan has so many wonderful gems…but they’ll cost you. There comes a point in a couple’s life when you start caring less about atmosphere and fruity martinis and just want good food at a reasonable price. We’ve reached that point.  While there used to be a time where weekly dates lead us to Rosa Mexicana for dinner sometimes you don’t feel like spending your entire paycheck. Furthermore, sometimes you want authentic Mexican food!

I came across a review on the internet last night when I was searching for a neighborhood Mexican restaurant and came across the Great BUrrito. Now, let me tell you that I’m quite picky. If a restaurant has as much as a drop on the menu and I won’t come back. Don’t even get me started on bathrooms. I’m very easily grossed out.  Point is, I’m picky and won’t compromise cleanliness for price.  Not to mention “dirty dive” places to me are just dirty. I don’t care how good the food is. Which is why you should recognize how special it is that I was enamored with Great Burrito.

While I don’t want to describe it as a hole in the wall, at first glance you may think that’s what it is. Let me just tell you, best Mexican food I’ve had in the city since I moved here. I mean real Mexican. Authentic and tastes exactly like my favorite restaurant (Los Carboncitos) in Playa Del Carmen. The cooking here is done right out in the open with super fresh ingredients. The salsas are fresh and are to DIEEEEE for. There is a red (mild) and a green (spicy). Un-F-ing-believable. The burrito was amazing. Fresh tortillas. Great refried and black beans. Nuff said. Go. Go. Go! Oh and they have great authentic Mexican sodas. The grapefruit is amazing. They also play really cute Mexican music.

Did I mention how inexpensive it is? Nachos are like $10 (with Guac) and a bean burrito is like $8.50. The Burritos are HUGEEEEEEEE by the way and that is going by my piglet standards!

405 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10024
nr. 80th St.

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