The Hurricane Club a Restaurant Review

Aloooooooooooooooooooooooha, ladies!! I had been dying to try out the Hurricane Club ever since I heard about its tropical, Tiki theme! It’s essentially a modern tiki bar with a fancy fusion twist! It gives you the feeling of a retro tropical bar but with a classy touch. Its high ceilings and layout make it spacious so you’re not smothering your neighbors. Also, I loved  It’s a fantastic place to go wtih your honey or for a fun girls outing! Drinks! Drinks! Drinks! and more drinks! Each one was more fun than the next! Drinks in giant bowls, drinks in coconuts, you name it! Most of the food is served family style. The photo above pictures the Imperial Pupu platter, which was phenomenal. Who knew that I’d like a deviled egg! I don’t eat duck or pork but other people I was with ordered the Peking duck sandwiches and the Pork and liked it alot. My favorite thing though was the coconut shrimp, which was shrimp wrapped in vermicelli noodles and deep fried served with a fabulous creamy coconut sauce. We also ordered the cashew chicken and Lobster fra diavlo noodles. They were both good but not amazing. I think the strong contenders here were the appetizers and cocktails. The food was good but a little overpriced for what it was. Also, the dessert, although it was family style, was $25! Just a little over the top. Overall I would recommend coming here for drinks and appetizers and a really fun environment!

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