Oak Room Best Steak in Boston

Too many establishments serve steaks, the Oak Room worships them!

Upon making my reservations at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel I was invited by the Public Relations department to review their famous steak restaurant, the Oak Room. Well, you can imagine my excitement! Although I’m mostly vegan these days, that does not apply to birthday celebrations or filet mignon! I don’t eat much meat as you know but I do make an exception about once a year for the perfect steak with bernaise sauce. I have been to about every steakhouse in NYC and have to tell you that not many have impressed me as much as the Oak Room! It was absolutely incredible. It was one of those meals that I’ll never forget. (Not to get too emotional about a restaurant!)

The evening began with cocktails in the Oak Bar, which is breathtaking. They also have live music, which was fabulous. The atmosphere is lavish and reminiscent of a luxurious hunting lodge (complete with deer heads on the walls, only thing I could have done without–but again that’s my vegetarian side rearing its ugly head).

The restaurant blends the perfect balance of ostentation and comfort. It feels like you are a special guest welcomed into a intimate, early 20th Century dining room. The ceilings were carved hardwood and the window treatments were decorated with stately draping.

Back to one of my favorite parts of the experience–the cocktails, The cocktails are a bit pricey but you truly are getting something unusual (they range from $15-$20). Even the presentation of the martinis are creative (and functional). They serve a cute mini-carafe of your beverage inside a pitcher of ice versus bringing a metal shaker for self-refills. As you know, I don’t have a problem with a hefty price-tag as long as I feel like I’m getting something special–and I did!

I ordered a drink that came with bourbon and blueberries garnished with bleu cheese stuffed olives. I didn’t know I was such a bourbon fan until I had this drink!  It was the perfect combination of salty and sweet. The blueberries also masked the bourbon enough that it was easy to drink! Ross got a pomegranate and cucumber cocktail that was truly the best of its kind I’ve ever had. You could actually taste the fresh cucumber! And these fellas were stiff! But in a good way!

The bread was scrumptious! Comes with hummus, butter and tapende! Yum!!!!!!!!!

For appetizers we sampled the tuna tartare, clam chowder and crabcake (below). After being told by our waiter that the crabcake was the best he had ever tasted, how could I not try one. And he was right! They were moist and cooked to perfection!  The tuna could not have been fresher if I had just caught it myself! And Ross loved the clam chowder!

For our entrees we ordered chateaubriand to share! Not a common dish these days so when I see it I know I’m at a fancy restaurant. It’s the most tender cut of beef and it did not disappoint! It was done to perfection and cut right at the table by the world’s best waiter (Frank Brown–ask for him! We loved him!)!

Each steak was served with a roasted clove of garlic! The perfect compliment to every steak! And of course the bernaise sauce came on side! Yum! What does every steak need if not butter sauce!?!  The chateaubriand came with a potato as well as asparagus (which we subbed for spinach). The sauteed spinach was delicious and the parmesean fries were fantastic. The sides were also large enough for an entire table to share. Extremely generous portions!

After dinner is complete the Oak Room brings out a giant serving of cotton candy! Yum!!! And such a fun and cute touch!

For dessert we each sampled a different dish and passed them around and shared. Our favorite was the cheesecake, which came with rhubarb on top! Amazing! So creamy and delicious too. Next we liked the Boston Cream Pie. It was a different twist on your usual idea of a traditional BCP. Definitely worth trying! The chocolate sauce on top was definitely real chocolate. You can tell the moment it hits your lips! My fam loved the strawberry soup but of course, I am partial to chocolate and cheesecake though the fruit didn’t stand a chance!

I think that the Oak Room is a classic staple of Boston as is Copley Plaza! I would say that this restaurant is definitely a must-see on your venture to Boston and well worth its higher price-tag. If you can’t stop in for dinner I absolutely insist that you have a cocktail in the Oak Bar! Best cocktail menu ever, the drinks were divine and you just must see the exquisite architecture. !

Thank you, Oak Room for hosting Smartypanties. It was truly a dinner I won’t soon forget!!

The wood-carved walls and the curtains made you feel like you were dining in the lap of luxury!

This photo doesn’t do the chandeliers justic. They were gorgeous!

All that remained…the true sign of a delectable feast!!

For reservations at the Oak Room Boston call (617) 267-5300 or visit The Oak Room Boston online.138 Saint James Ave Boston, MA 02116-5002

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*FTC Disclosure-We were given a free meal in consideration for this review. As always though all opinions herein are my own*

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