Best Cheap Date Night in NYC: The MET Museum


The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC (The MET) is open until 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights right now. It’s the best date night ever! We sipped wine in the atrium and were serenaded by a live pianist, cellist and violinist. The wine isn’t cheap, the cheapest bottle I believe was about $48 but it’s a spectacular Friday evening. They even have fun little bites to eat that were delicious. Curried pistachios! Didn’t really complement the wine per se but they were yummy!

Cheap Trick: The museum suggests you pay $25/pp. However, this is a suggestion. I don’t know about you but that’s a bit steep to pay once a month (which is how often we go). So instead I say 2 please and hand them whatever I feel like I can afford. I take comfort in the fact that I plan on being a donor when Im rich one day.

Definitely head on over before other people discover this secret. Hopefully I’m the only one blogging about it 🙂 It is truly the best cheap date in NYC to be had!






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