Rolf’s NYC: It’s Like You’ve Died and Gone to Christmas Heaven






In the spirit of the holidays I thought I should share with you the most spectacular Christmas experience in NYC! You must go to Rolf’s in NYC! It’s incredible. Rolf’s gives a new meaning to the term “Deck the Halls.” You haven’t seen Christmas decorations until you’ve seen this place. It’s a rustic German pub that is completely covered floor to ceiling in tchochkes and Christmas decorations. It’s as New York as street-food or Rockefeller center! It’s definitely a must-see during the holidays. I must warn you the crowds are not like anything you’ve ever seen. You literally CANNOT get yourself to the bar easily. I recommend going for dinner, which is delightful. We had the potato pancakes and the beef stew with spaetzel (Vegan cheaters I know!) The beers are so enormous you can barely lift them with one hand. But let me just tell you they come with a rather hefty pricetag as well (a bit of a shocker when our bill arrived). I think they were about $25- but to be fair they are about the size of 3 beers. Just be prepared, the food aint cheap either. Also, Rolf’s only accepts reservations for parties of 5 or less. They will NOT let you add an extra person. Trust me, we tried.

I highly recommend a visit but be sure you make a reservation for dinner unless you want to be crammed up against a wall in between 4 other wasted beer-guzzlers!. The ambiance will make you feel like you’ve really experienced the holiday season! The delightful array of German pilsners and hefeweissen will satisfy your yearning for the Christmas spirit! I don’t think these photos do it justice you’ll just have to go and see for yourself!


Visit Rolf’s this holiday season!!

281 3rd Avenue  Manhattan, NY 10010

(212) 477-4750

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