Hanoi Vietnam Comes to New York: Where to Find Cha Ca La Vong!

Before we left for our honeymoon, my husband’s cousins told us we had to eat at this restaurant, Cha Ca La Vong. Sounds good, write it down. Before we did though, his cousins all cautioned us, you will think we are crazy, it is so dirty, but you MUST go. Always what you want to hear before dining somewhere, right?

Cut to the Sofitel in Hanoi, Vietnam. Staying on the VIP level and talking to our personal concierge. “Can You tell us how to get to Cha Ca La Vong?” His response, “NO! NO! Not sanitary. Not sanitary for tourists.” I was ready to throw in the towel and stay at hte hotel but I’m so glad we decided to just trust our cousins and go anyway. PS, it was totally fine. If our concierge had seen where we ate lunch the day before he probably would have laughed. (Photo below. We ate on the floor, next to a stray dog, in the freezing cold, for about $1.50 USD.)

Anyway, we did get the chance to go to Cha Ca La Vong whilst in Hanoi.

One restaurant. Named after the One Dish. Cha Ca La Vong means grilled fish. It is cooked at the table and it couldn’t be more delicious. It’s grilled fish, an array of spices including tumeric and dill, and delicious, sticky noodles and a tangy sauce. Absolute heaven.

Cha Ca La Vong, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Lately, even the New York Times is buzzing about Cha Ca La Vong since Pok Pok opened up in NYC. Check out their article to see where you can find Cha Ca La Vong (and other inspired Vietnamese dishes in NYC).

We are dying to try Pok Pok. Have you tried it yet? Let me know in the comments!!!

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