Amazing Italian Restaurant: L’Artusi in the West Village! Must Go!

So, it’s birthday season and since I pretty much have a fat girl living inside of me dying to break free, birthday season for me means, time to eat! Luckily, my birthday falls at the end of bathing suit season! My in-laws are so awesome and took us to dinner at a restaurant I had been dying to try, L’Artusi (sister restaurant to what is apparently my husband’s uncle’s favorite restaurant, Dell’anima).

The decor is adorable. Dark walls, white trim and very warm inside. There is an upstairs too where we sat, but it can also be rented out for a (very posh) private event. (Man, do I wish I worked at a company that could afford to have our office parties here!). The food was to die for.

The waiter informed us that dishes are often served family style but were small plates.

We started with the scallops ceviche (everyone else enjoyed, I tried it but not my thing so I can’t really advise), tomato salad (included watermelon, panzanella-type bread cubes, watermelon and basil–this was fantastic), and the butter lettuce salad (hazelnuts, butter lettuce, gorgonzola–amazing). We also got the Fettucine Nero pasta (black noodles, rock shrimp breadcrumbs and tomato–this was delicious), and the Spaghetti (garlic, parmesan and chillies–definitely the standout pasta! Really simple but delicious)

For entrees my husband and I split the steak and the Garganelli pasta (mushrooms). The pasta was yummy but the steak was amazing. And the best part of the steak was actually the potatoes that accompanied it–cooked perfectly and covered with assorted crunchy herbs like parsley, rosemary and thyme. They also served a creamy horseradish on the side. Absolutely divine.

For dessert we tried the olive oil cake. You guys know that I’m a chocolate nut so while it was good, it’s just not something that would ring my bell. My mother had brought in mini chocolate cakes with my favorite frosting she makes. I focused on that!

Thank you to my wonderful in-laws for a fabulous birthday dinner!

I highly recommend L’artusi! Check out the L’artusi website for more information.

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