Best Seafood Restaurant NYC: CATCH! Quite a Catch Indeed

This year for my birthday my hubby and I decided to check out Catch over in the Meatpacking District. Never sure what to expect over there, I was somewhat hesitant that although I had heard rave reviews from friends, that I was in for a night of haughtiness and pretention (not to mention small portions at a high price). I was so pleasantly surprised, I dare even say, I think that Catch is my favorite restaurant I have tried in the past five years (rivaled by no one in the seafood department, that’s for sure).

The food was incredible, the service was shockingly personable and sweet. It’s hard to believe that it’s difficult to get a reservation in the 2-floor restaurant (with a posh/exclusive club on the third floor dedicated to the art of fancy rooftop drinking) just because of its massive size. But once I tasted the food and witnessed this hot-spot in action it was easy to see why.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I would recommend almost everything we sampled as the best rendition of the dish I have ever had. Rock shrimp are perfectly crispy, doused in the ideal amount of mayonnaise and just spicy enough without being overwhelming. The crispy rice cakes were probably my favorite–crispy fried rice covered in spicy tuna. The textures are perfectly contrasting and the entire dish melts in your mouth. Perhaps most unique was the Lobster and cream mac and cheese. It was just the right amount of sauce, rather on the stingy side but ina good way. The dish was complimented by a delicious crunch of toasted breadcrumbs. YUM! We also had the crab spaghetti and truffle fries. While both were amazing I would recommend the other dishes over these just because the others were outstanding, these were just delicious. Dessert was original and heavenly, s’mores pizza: a crispy graham cracker crust covered in charred marshmallows and drizzled with melted chocolate.

It was the most wonderful birthday dinner I think I have ever had. What a wonderful husband! And he must have even pulled some strings, we were seated next to the cast of BOSS–Kelsey Grammer and Clare from original 90210! All my birthday dreams came true!

Yep, I’m a creep. Too embarassed to be a tourist taking pictures of my meal for you guys but clearly not classy enough to keep me from taking pictures of Kelsey Grammer!

Catch is at 21 Ninth Avenue but the entrance is around the corner on 13th street. You’ll see a C and an anchor above the door. You’ll be lucky you’ve found this oceanic gem! Trust me! Check out the menu and more information on the Catch website.

Happy birthday to me! 31 is going to be a good year!

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