Best Luxury Hotel Vietnam: The Nam Hai Review Hoi An, Vietnam

This hotel is easily the most unique property I have ever been to. I have stayed at several Four Seasons, Ritz Carltons and Fairmont resorts but always say that this is my favorite property out there. There is nothing they haven’t thought of. This property is so zen and feng shui it makes you want to convert to Buddhism. From the moment you see the resort, you feel a fat, happy Buddha.

For those of you who don’t know me and are new to my blog, let me give you a bit of background. I am an avid traveller and I only stay in the nicest places. I don’t mean that in an obnoxious or snobby way, I am just trying to give you my point of view. I think that part of enjoying traveling for me, especially in places like Southeast Asia, is loving your hotel and feeling comfortable there. If I feel skeeved out by a hotel that is a little dirty, it just puts a damper on my trip. That said, I really have stayed at some of the best hotels in the world. So you can trust that if I say something is nice, I’m not someone who stays at a Holiday Inn or Embassy Suites, so if I say it’s beautiful, I mean Four Seasons, Five-Star Quality. Okay, moving on…

This property is absolutely stunning. Never had I been to such a wonderful hotel. I only know one other couple who stayed here (as it is a bit far from home and off the beaten path), but they too said it was their favorite hotel they ever stayed at.

View from the lobby overlooks 3 infinity pools and the beach.

View from breakfast. Having delicious Vietnamese coffee.

Walk to the Room.

The Beach!

Warm towel at checkin is nothing new of course but always a nice touch. Their open air lobby overlooks their three infinity pool, which overlook the ocean. Let me just tell you that even with grey skies it’s breathtaking. The property has thought of everything to make you comfortable, never nickel and diming you for essentials like bottled water, soft drinks or wi-fi in the rooms, which I’ve found most resorts do not offer. Most upscale five-star resorts offer the highest quality products to guests and I always look forward to peeking into the bathroom to see what luxurious line of haircare I have to look forward to. The Nam Hai has topped every hotel I’ve ever been to though. No more teenie tiny bottles you can’t squeeze the shampoo out of. They have large bottles filled with what smell like homemade bath products that are fragrantly bursting with every precious essential oil, flower and plant that the beautiful country has to offer. The mint shower gel was heavenly and fresh.

Our Room


The Bathroom

Indoor Shower

Outdoor Shower

The bathroom is absolute perfection. His and her sinks, his and her closets and his and his and her robes, which kick terry to the curb and replace it with the softest chenille imaginable. Also, totally random but they brought you a different local fruit and a little card explaining what it is, what it tastes like and how to properly pronounce it. Such a nice touch.

Speaking of food, the restaurant’s here are incredible. The hotel’s restaurants feature a perfect mix of traditional Vietnamese cuisine as well as Western food like pizza and sandwiches. I know it might sound lame but after eating lunch in Hanoi on the floor next to a stray dog with the locals for a couple days, seeing a club sandwich on the menu was a nice break. However the Vietnamese cuisine, which we had for dinner was impeccable. They nail everything on every menu here including breakfast. Easily the best brunch you will ever see. Probably a dozen juices, every pastry imaginable, fresh lox, bagels, and all the usual suspects. But then you can also get any number of Vietnamese noodle dishes or soups made to order, as well as a variety of Eggs Benedicts. What might surprise you the most is that the Indian cuisine here is mouthwatering. My husband and I live in NYC and other than India probably have the best Indian Food at our fingertips. This topped every Indian restaurant I have ever been to. Hands down.

Dragonfruit, passion fruit, mango, papaya! All staples at the Nam Hai. Homemade Granola–I die!

Fresh, made-to-order Eggs Benedict.

The rooms, which are actually each villas, are just so unique. (each also boast ocean views!) They are modeled after a traditional Vietnamese home. Seeing is believing. Turndown transforms the room into a sexy bungalow. There is so much attention to detail. They individually light candles for the corners of your room ensuring a very sexy return after dinner. The bed, which is in the center of the room has curtains pulled around it, the effect is magical. This one is hard to explain but you’ll just have to trust me.

Outside View of our villa

Room After Turndown Service

Romantic Room Service in the Room.

View from our Sitting Area in the Room

All three pools are incredible and face the sea. The staffers are so attentive and friendly that you won’t want to leave.

Sitting on the beach being brought cold smoothies and water. Definitely a happy camper.

Cutting the Grass by Hand. Not joking!

The Spa Lobby overlooks a serene lake.

Be sure to book a spa treatment during your stay. The spa is heaven on earth. It is surrounded by water and each treatment bungalow has a view of the serene lake. Massages begin with a traditional foot bath in rose petal-filled water. The Nam Hai massage is a must in my opinion. If youre here to pamper yourself, youve found the perfect weapon of choice. This is definitely the most indulgent spa treatment I have ever experienced. The Nam Hai massage is a 60-minute massage and includes two therapists working in unison to melt every ounce of tension away. They work as ting and yang and then in sync with each other. One hour later and I felt like Buddha himself in complete Nirvana. Couples can even have massages side-by-side.

Here are some of my favorite shots of Hoi An, the most charming town. You can also pick up some great art here!

For more information about the Nam Hai visit their website! Also visit our favorite hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam, Sofitel Metropole.

*Smartypanties received a promotional press rate for our stay but all facts herein this review are completely true and all opinions are my own.

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