Best Luxury Hotel in Thailand: Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Koh Samui, the world’s most perfect honeymoon destination. Just posting my pictures makes me want to kick back on the beach with a pina colada, actually I’m more of a gin martini girl, or red wine girl…errr…I digress. When deciding where to go for our honeymoon in Southeast Asia we were totally overwhelmed. One thing we knew for sure though was that we had to have at least one beach destination for our 3-week jaunt across Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. We didn’t want too many beach towns because there are so many incredible cultural and historical gems we thought it would be a waste to do beaches when we can do those so close in the Caribbean. The mainstream choice was Phuket but we had heard from several friends, as well as our travel agent that it is simply overrun with tourists and saturated with generic beach resorts lacking character and cheesy markets. Non thank you. After a totally authentic experiences in incredible cities like Siem Reap and Luang Prabang, I simply couldn’t stomach the thought of going to a place like that.

The Main Lobby

Our Welcome Drinks in the Welcome Lobby Overlooking the Ocean. Absolutely the best check-in experience.

We settled on Koh Samui, largely in part to my strong desire to go to the Four Seasons Resort in Koh Samui. We made the right choice. This hotel is a honeymooner’s paradise. The resort features 40 one-bedroom villas as well as a bunch of other larger villas. Each is outfitted with its own infinity pool overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. You’ll feel like a celeb as you sip cocktails from your private, stocked maxi-bar (complete with overpriced snacks) that sits right beside your very own pool. So mix your own drinks or simply sip your mini liquor bottles and indulge as you kick of your skivvies and go for a swim in the nude. The villas are so private you will feel like you’re alone at the resort. There’s even a privacy button you can press to ensure that hotel staff won’t creep in at say, a private moment. The only downside to having such a spectacular villas is that we spent less time at the main pool and the beach and then you miss the fun treats that the Four Seasons passes around! It’s what we preferred but still worth mentioning.

Perhaps our favorite thing about our own private pool, aside from not having to see anyone else was that you can crank the heat as high as you want! A particular dream of ours. Our pool felt like a bath-tub all week long. You can also go in at any time–day or night!

The hotel was built on a coconut plantation and as many of its original trees were kept intact as possible. Everything about this property helps you feel perfectly secluded yet as well cared for as you have ever been in your life.

Lovin’ Life.

You haven’t enjoyed brunch until you’ve had one at a Four Seasons. You can order nearly anything you can dream up made-to-order but can also choose from a heavenly buffet, which is all included. I had the smoked salmon benedict almost every day, along with piles of the freshest tropical fruit and juices. And the croissants were to die for!

Room service to the pool. A bit pricey but what did we expect? Totally worth it to be able to sit at your pool all day. Defines a true convenience charge, and worth every penny!

I did not look this skinny after we left! Those breakfasts did me in! Absolutely no self-control at an unlimited brunch.

The spa forest. Walk on our way to our spa treatment rooms.

Our room. My throne. Theoretically you could take the mosquito net down and sleep with the doors open, unfortunately, being the bug magnet that I am, I would have somehow ended up eaten head to toe so we didn’t chance it.

Katie Say Relax. You’ll feel like Swiss family Robinson when you enter the spa set in tree-houses amidst a coconut tree forest. Let therapists melt away any stress you may have. My favorite was the Thai-style massage where they stretched, pulled and pushed you until I had not a drop of tension left in my body.

Wine and Dine. The property has two restaurants. Lan Tania is the fancier, more romantic of the two and it highlights local seafood and steaks. It’s also close to the water and you can hear the waves crashing against the shore, which is lovely. The food here was surprisingly uncreative and not that tasty. And we weren’t even paying for this meal so you know it mustn’t have been that good. Usually if I’m plied with free food, I don’t find much to complain about, but for you all, my best friends, gotta say, we weren’t that impressed. Pla Pla, the other restaurant, serves fresh fish (its name means “many fish”) and  traditional Thai food at surprisingly low prices (for a Four Seasons). The food here was delicious. Possibly the best Pad Thai in all of Koh Samui (and I made it my business to try it everywhere).

Location. Location. Location. Four Seasons Koh Samui Resort’s location is in the northwest corner of Samui. This is ideal if you want to be outside of the action but close enough that you can still venture out for the nightlife if you should so choose. If you’re into luxury travel, you don’t want to be in downtown. You’ll see why when you visit, it’s more of a local beach-town nothing too spectacular that you can’t experience at night when you go into town.

Time to Whine. If I must come up with a source of something to whine about, it would be the price. Even for a luxury hotel this place is expensive. And in a city where you can get a five-star, five-course meal for about $25/per person, getting the bill can kind of sting. But you get what you pay for, this hotel really is la creme de la creme. Another downside, if I must choose is that you need to be driven around by golf-carts because the property is spread out and winding through the hills. Walking is difficult even if you’re hoping to get some exercise for fear that you may be run-down by a rogue driver. Finally, and I’m not sure if this is a complaint, but it might stress you out, you will never want to leave the room to explore the island. Each time we left my husband had to drag me kicking and screaming.

Bonus. Free sporting equipment like kayaks, bodyboards and even a trimaran that they’ll help you take out. They’ll let you take it alone too if you know how! You gotta be brave though, the waves and wind there are no joke. Definitely a kid-friendly resort, there were a few families who really seemed to be enjoying themselves. The staff helped entertain the few children there. I’m not the biggest fan of kids but they didn’t really bother us because we were at our private pool most of the time.

Weird Tips.  Bring insect repellent to the beach at sunset. I got eaten ALIVE the first night we were there.

Compared to Other Four Seasons. If you ask me this is easily one of the best properties in the entire world. You won’t find another with surroundings as breathtaking as these, save for the Four Seasons Chiang Mai. Definitely one of the most luxurious Four Seasons I’ve stayed at (also been to Chiang Mai, Hawaii, etc.)

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219 Moo 5, Angthong; +66(0)7 724 3000; from 31,000 baht (US$990) per night;

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