Best Restaurants New York: Upper East Side Edition: ABV

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Last night I headed over to ABV for an incredible dinner. If you live on the Upper East Side or anywhere in the Tri-State area, you simply must try this amazing restaurant. It’s truly one of my favorite restaurants I’ve been in the past few years. The food is delectable. Did you hear me? DELECTABLE. Every bite makes you realize how perfect each morsel is and how all the flavors were put together to thoughtfully compliment each other. I can’t believe I had only been here for brunch. I will a)gain 20 pounds because b) I will be eating dinner here once a week at minimum!

ABV is a comfort food mecca with a twist, serving up inventive dishes with an artisinal, local feel. But then at the same time, ABV will use an ingredient like marshmallow fluff like it’s run of the mill! ABV is such a fun and innovative restaurant–especially for the Upper East Side, a part of Manhattan clearly lacking cool neighborhood spots that cool people (yours truly is conveniently falls in that demographic if I do say so myself) would actually hang out at. (Save for its sister restaurant around the corner, Earl’s Beer and Cheese).

ABV’s menu changes seasonally. They just switched from dishes like fried chicken and a meatloaf sandwiches to dishes like fish tacos, brisket torta and the Fall gnocchi. I would try to enthusiastically describe the flavors for you but I’m not that douchey…Just trust me, these dishes are incredible. I honestly savored each bite in my mouth because I didn’t want any dish to end.

One would assume an impressive alcohol menu based on its name, ABV, which stands for “alcohol by volume.”  Strangely enough though they actually only have wine and beer, no true alcohol. But I would say that it’s not missed at all. The wine is delicious, although I didn’t try all 50 varieties offered,  and they serve an incredibly impressive beer menu that will impress even the most sophisticated connoisseur.

With exposed brick walls, communal tables and wine on tap, this joint takes eccentric and makes it adorable. The public agrees, even mid-week this place is packed. You can have a drink here on a Tuesday at 7pm and find great company and even better music (last night they played the better part of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album the whole way through).

This place needs no gimmicks and certainly not my endorsement but I think this place is so incredible that you’ll thank me for letting you know. Have you been? Let me know what your favorite dish is in the comments!

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