The Best Tour Company to Use in Southeast Asia: Trails of Indochina

As you can probably tell by this point, I am a planner. I like every activity that I want to do while on vacation to be scheduled in to ensure that I make sure to visit it. Don’t worry, I make sure to schedule in down time too. Yep, that’s right. I’ve been known to “schedule” in free time. What do you want from me? If I weren’t organized I wouldn’t be writing for you on this blog.

That’s neither here nor there though. I digress. One of the reasons I believe my honeymoon was so successful was because of the Tour Company we used, Trails of Indochina. I liked them so much because they were reliable, organized and professional. We used guides from Trails of Indochina in 4 countries, 7 cities overall, and never once did we experience any problem throughout our entire trip. When we got back to the States, I kind of had to breathe a sigh of relief, not one problem, with one guide or one driver, in seven cities. I thought that spoke volumes to how well this company is run. After speaking with many friends, this was NOT the norm. Many friends signed up for tour guides and they were promised they spoke English and drove air-conditioned vehicles when in fact they did not. We never had a problem with this. Luckily.

Trails of Indochina operates tours in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Bali and Myanmar. Each of our guides was extremely knowledgeable and the drivers were equally as professional. The guides also spoke English very well. I mean certainly better than I can speak another language. There English wasn’t perfect but it was pretty darn good.
They describe their tours as “inspiring yet tightly controlled and managed” and I think that is a perfect description. We learned so much from our tour guides and also truly enjoyed spending time with them. You’re with these people all day, often for several days in a row for 12 hours so we had the opportunity to ask all the questions we wanted to. It greatly added to our experience and was perhaps one of our favorite parts of our trip. Learning about the culture from a local is so much more valuable than simply eating dinner inside your hotel. You know?
 The itineraries chosen are truly a tailored experience, created around your individual needs.

Their rates are competitive and far below what you would imagine a full day with a tour guide and private driver. You can also sign up for a group tour, which is more economical.  Prices usually ranged between $100-$200 a day for two people total.

Visit Trails of Indochina to learn more or to book a trip.

My absolute favorite guide was Khamla ([email protected]), he was my tour guide in Luang Prabang, Laos. We also loved Thong in Hoi An and Chetra in Siem Reap. Definitely ask for him! If you need other recommendations let me know in the comments I may be able to scrounge up contact information.

By the way, I received no discount or press rate for purposes of this post. All from the heart.

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