The Best Rides and Attractions at Epcot in Disney World that you Must See

EPCOT is probably my favorite of all the parks. That might have something to do with the fact that it has so many attractions geared towards adult enjoyment. On a beautiful day, nothing is more fun to me than walking around and having a beer or a country-themed cocktail in each of the wonderful countries that EPCOT’s world pavillion has to offer. But that’s just me…with a drinking problem. I also love so many of the rides and attractions here. Here are my favorites that I consider to be the must-sees every time I visit EPCOT.

Mission Space: Experience space like a real astronaut. Launch into space on a simulated adventure. You actually get to feel weightless. Get a fast-pass for this early as lines get long for this attraction. Take notice of the warnings for this ride, many people experience extreme motion sickness after this attraction. I was fine but two people in my family did have problems so know your limits so you don’t ruin the rest of your day.

Soarin’: Another awesome motion simulator ride that takes you on a journey flying over California. Fast-Pass this ride early as well as it often has long lines.

Test Track: This ride is fun but be warned it gets a bit fast at the end for young ones.

Spaceship Earth: I called this the “Big Bubbie” until…anyway, this is the iconic globe that EPCOT is known for, it’s a slow ride, many people expect some sort of indoor roller coaster. But it’s a classic. Save your ride here for the end of the day, most people entering the park go straight for this. Lines are nearly nonexistent at the end of the day compared to early hours.

Ellen’s Energy Adventure: This ride is a fun journey back into our prehistoric past. A must for any dino-loving little man in your life.

World Showcase: As I mentioned, I just love wandering around the World Showcase and eating and drinking my way through. After a couple snacks and beverages I love hopping on the Norway and Mexico rides. Mexico’s pavilion is one of my personal must-sees. You’ll see why when you enter this gorgeous galleria of shops and a Mexican night sky. My family also loves the American Adventure though it’s not one of my personal favorites.

Journey Into Your Imagination: It’s exactly that! With a couple fun unexpected surprises!

IllumiNations: a Great show that takes place at night. Definitely worth staying for.

If you’re looking for a good meal in EPCOT you’re in luck. The food is far superior here to other parks in Disney World. You have to reserve really early though if you want to book reservations during popular dining hours. Be sure to check out the restaurant in Italy, the San Angel Inn (Mexico) and  Les Chefs de France. For a great snack, pop into the Boulangerie in France for great pastries!

Again, don’t forget to check “Magic” hours and extend your visit for free!

Check out our favorite Attractions at Disney World’ Magic Kingdom too! And let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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