Travel Blogger Spotlight: Mark Wiens. 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Mark Wiens of Migrationology

Mark Wiens of Migrationology

I’m back with a brand new edition of “25 Things You Dont Know About” your favorite bloggers. As you know, I’m an US Weekly junkie. I can’t get enough and of course my favorite feature is when celebs dish about random facts in their lives. So that’s what we do here, we help you get to know your favorite travel bloggers out there. This week I’m featuring Mark Wiens. Mark Wiens was born in the United States, raised in DR Congo and Kenya, and now resides in Bangkok where he can’t control his passion for street food. He blogs about his international food adventures on Migrationology, his Thai street food meals on Eating Thai Food, and uploads lots of food videos on YouTube. How much do you know about Mark? Find out now…

25 Things You About Mark Wiens

1. I am half Chinese.
2. Peanuts are my absolute favorite snack.
3. I love to go hiking.
4. I spent 3 years in Democratic Republic of Congo when I was a kid.
5. I’m a morning person, I like to get up at 5 or 6 am and start writing.
6. I enjoy drinking black, unsweetened coffee.
7. I love football (soccer).
8. I went to preschool in Albertville, France.
9. My Mother is from Hawaii.
10. I’m afraid of heights.
11. I worked for a junk company throughout university.
12. If I didn’t have to wear shoes sometimes, I would always wear sandals / flip flops for the rest of my life.
13. I’ve had malaria about 10 times.
14. Despite all the massive meals I eat, 6 out of 7 days for breakfast I try to eat oatmeal.
15. I hate cold weather.
16. Growing up, I passionately disliked reading and writing, now I thoroughly enjoy both.
17. I’ve washed my clothes in a bucket for the last 4 years.
18. I nearly always fall asleep during movies.

Mark Durian Posing with Durian

Mark Durian Posing with Durian

19. I’m a serious fruit connoisseur
20. I taught English for a year, but it wasn’t for me.
21. I dislike sitting in one place for too long.
22. I played rugby in high school
23. I loved to cook until I moved to Asia where so many people can cook much better than I can.
24. In University, I did a study abroad program in Tena, Ecuador.
25. I’d much rather spend the majority of my budget on food than accommodation.

Mark Wiens


Be sure to check out Mark’s blog (link above). He’s really pretty awesome! Have anymore sweet questions for Mark? Ask them in the comments!

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