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There is a super cool new Travel app, Postcardly being released by Apple tomorrow Thursday, January 31, 2013 and it all started with a grandma! Well, sorta. The founder created this travel app, Postcardly to be able to share family photos with  the important people in his life, like his grandma who probably aren’t on Facebook all that much!  It’s as easy as an email for you, but then grandma gets a hard copy of a postcard in the mail that she can post on the fridge!

It’s so simple now to send postcards and it doesn’t have to be a generic photo of a landmark, now you can be in it!  What a state-of-the-art twist on a classic postcard! All you do is send an email with an attached photo the way you normally send an email and your photo will be on the front of the postcard, your words will go on the back.

Basically, you set up an address book when you start, it will correlate with a physical mailing address you have on file. So, for instance, if you want to send postcards to your Grandma, you might set up [email protected] in your Postcardly address book. Then, anytime you send an email to [email protected]—from your computer, your phone, or an Internet cafe halfway around the world—your email goes to Postcardly, gets automatically printed on a real postcard (text on the back, attached picture on the front), and then gets mailed to Grandma.

How cool is that? Oh and the app is free! The postcards only cost 99 cents (or less) and about $1.99 if you’re sending outside the U.S.). Do you know how cheap that is? A postcard alone is usually a dollar, not including postage! And these are customized! And you don’t have to go to the Post Office! And all new users get 3 postcards free!

What are you waiting for? Go sign up!

For more information visit Postcardly online.

(PS, I received no compensation from Postcardly for this review, I just think it’s rad!)


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