Local New York Favorites: Baked by Butterfield and The Elusive Healthy, Baked Donuts

Baked by Butterfield Best Donuts New York City NYC

So, who is excited about this new feature?! From now on I’m going to write about all my favorites places in New York and share them with you my devoted little travelers. Since New York is home to me I know all the local favorites and I can’t wait to share them all! In fact, I wish there was a me for every city I planned to visit so that then I would be able to find all the hidden gems. Anyway, my first New York City fave: Baked by Butterfield.

Out of nowhere, after caring little for donuts my entire life, I have suddenly developed an insatiable craving for them that I just can’t quash. The other day I even had a burger on a donut! (Post coming soon!) So, I was thrilled when a friend mentioned her love of Baked by Butterfield (thanks alot, Carrie!). After just a simple mention, the seed had been planted and not more than 24 hours later was I drawn like a magnet to 78th and Lex to find out what the fuss was about.

Baked by Butterfield serves up a rainbow of donuts that are baked instead of fried. They’re pretty cakey for the most part except for a few doughier options. When I first heard baked donuts I thought, wow, these must be much healthier than their fried counterparts, at least if I have one of these it won’t be fried. However, upon deeper reflection (i.e. after I polished off two) it occurred to me that the baked donuts I inhaled probably weren’t much healthier than BAKED donuts’ better-known cousin, the cupcake. So while I kind of lost my excitement about the “healthy” aspect of Baked Donuts, I still must rave. Even in all their full-fat glory, these donuts are absolutely the best desserts I’ve had in a long time–healthy or not.

These little cupcake impostors are glorious. I have to rave about the caramel/sea-salt, which was cakey perfection. The cookies and cream was also fantastic. The icing on top is what I will dream about later tonight.

They come in a variety of unique flavors like red-velvet, cookies and cream, black and white, caramel sea salt, sprinkles, etc. The list goes on. The flavors are changed up all the time too. The shop also sells a variety of cupcakes, coffees, candies and teas.

This shop is so unique, especially for the Upper East Side. It’s definitely worth a visit. The perfect pick-me-up after a trip to the MET! Donuts are about $3 and so worth it!

Visit Baked by Butterfield at 1102 Lexington (between 77th and 778th).

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