Au’hio Fete: Bringing the Best of Ohio Party Class to New York City

Pictured Above: O-Pie-O


Who here didn’t know I was from Ohio? Well, now ya do! My New York bestie since way back when had the brilliant idea to have an Ohio party, excuse me, it was classy, “Au’hio.”  Everyone was asked to bring a dish, but not just any dish. We had to cook up something true to Ohio’s spirit. We were directed to only use processed ingredients, the more fattening the ingredients, the better. And here’s what my friends came up with…



Walking Taco Bags. AKA David’s Taco Bags. What the heck is it? Crushed fritos, ground meat or veggie chili, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. Served in the bag!



Next up, White Casserole. My friend chopped up all these white castle burgers, added cream and cheese and voila!



She was even generous enough to make a veggie version with onion rings!



How about some Funyon Casserole!? Remember those?



There was even a vote after to decide who came up with the most glorious dish!



In true Ohio fashion, each vote counted!


White Casserole was the winner. I brought Graeters ice cream, which was kind of like cheating but hey, I really wanted to eat it! It only earned me two votes though…my own and Ross’ (after I strong armed him into voting for me).

What do you and your friends do for fun?


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