Harry Potter Princess Cruise to Set Sail This November

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Fellow Harry Potter buffs, the high seas just got a whole lot spookier! Harry Potter fans will be able to board a ship that will be decorated like the series’ favorite hangouts like Diagon Alley. There will be Harry Potter themed activities and events for adults (although guests can bring children aboard, group activities are for those over 18 only). Passengers, ahem, Hogwarts students will be treated to an overwhelming entertainment experience run by Diagon Valley, a shop for Harry Potter enthusiasts located in Los Angeles.

The first cruise will set sail November 27 (Thanksgiving) from San Pedro, California for four days. The cruise will stop in San Diego as well as Ensenada Mexico before returning to Los Angeles. The journey will run between about $650-$1200 per person, which includes entertainment, activities as well as room and board.

To learn more about this cruise please visit Whimsic Alley’s FAQs about the Harry Potter Cruise!

Good thing I have my cloak of invisibility–I’m going to have to sneak on since tickets will likely sell out!

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