Travel Blogger Spotlight on Elyse Pasquale of Foodie International: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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We’re back again with your favorite feature, “25 Things You Dont Know About” your favorite travel bloggers, modeled after US Weekly’s famous section where celebs dish about random facts in their lives. So that’s what we do here, we help you get to know your favorite travel bloggers out there by learning weird and random facts, the stuff that you really want to hear about your fave celeb bloggers. This week I’m featuring Elyse Pasquale from Foodie International. Elyse is a food and travel writer on the culinary adventure of a lifetime. With a philosophy that food is living history, Elyse travels the world — connecting to people and different cultures through the local cuisine. Her initial objective was to fly 100,000 miles for 100 meals around the world in one year. Three years later, with over 300,000 miles and more than 100 food-filled destinations under her belt, Elyse is still traveling, eating and currently writing her first book, “Off the Beaten Plate.” She’s also been seen/heard on CNN InternationalAOL TravelHuffington Post, Holidays for Couples and National Geographic Radio. If you keep up with Elyse, these things you might know, but here are 25 fun facts that you probably don’t!

1. I love eating sushi for breakfast.
2. I speak fluent Italian.
3. I’m adopted.
4. The best meal I ever ate was prepared by a real-deal Iron Chef- Yoshimi Tanigawa (challenge: pike eel) in Kyoto, Japan.
5. The food I eat the most is cheese.
6. My least favorite food is cake. Growing up, I ate “birthday pie” instead. Favorite flavor – sour cherry.
7. My college sport was horseback riding – I competed on my school’s equestrian team.
8. I harvest my own olive oil every year in Tuscany, climbing the trees and hand-picking all the olives.
9. The first time I ran away from home I was three. I packed a Snoopy suitcase and headed for the main road.
10. I biked from Boston to New York City – 275 miles in three days on the 1999 AIDS Ride.
11. I’m highly allergic to a Brazilian berry called guarana – it contains caffeine and is found in most popular energy drinks.
12. The first time I traveled out of the country I was six – to England, where I ate lamb and/or rabbit every day.
13. I love karaoke.
14. I’m a master packer – I can travel up to three weeks with a 19″ roll-aboard. Tip: everything into regular plastic bags then press out the air.
15. One of my favorite activities is scuba diving – I’ve been fortunate to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, in Belize, Cozumel and the Seychelles.
16. I’ve been taking pictures of food since I was three. I still have a photo of me and my plastic Fisher Price camera.
17. I’ve taken a shower on an airplane.
18. I have a tattoo.
19. I’ve been to 47 U.S. States. I’m still missing Arkansas, Alaska and Montana.
20. I’ve never tried durian, balut or cloudberries.
21. I think sea urchin (or uni) is the world’s most erotic food.
22. I believe in magic.
23. The only souvenirs I ever bring home are hot sauces and spices.
24. I grew up on a farm near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
25. I’ve never sent back my food.
A big thank you to Elyse! We hope you enjoyed learning about Elyse as much as we did! Stay tuned for more blogger features!
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