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The other day I did it, I finally made it to New York’s renowned restaurant, Minetta Tavern for its famous burger. This old-town NYC bistro lived up to all the hype. Even calling nearly a week in advance for a reservation on a Wednesday evening, the only time I could get was a 5:30. Don’t they know that I’m travelingpanties? I kid. The early reservation did seem rather silly though seeing that the restaurant still wasn’t full when we left at 7pm but again, I digress.

Before visiting I had heard that everything on the menu is delicious from the foie gras to the bone marrow but what I came here for was the burger. The black label burger to be exact. (Don’t skimp and order the regular burger, it’s nothing special. Get what you came for–the best!) The black label burger is a blend of dry aged rib eye, which is loosely packed into a thick burger. The flavors are simple and the meat is tasty. It comes medium-rare, with caramelized onions and no cheese. The accompanying fries are some of the best I have ever had but the pickle was an icky-slightly-sweet-cucumber-kim-chi disaster.


Whatever you order, if you’re a carnivore it should involve some of the restaurant’s expertly aged, prime beef. Get a burger, get a steak, get the côte de boeuf for two, but get some kind of cow. I beg you. You won’t regret it.

If you’re visiting New York, I highly recommend this restaurant and this burger. If I came to New York as a visitor I would consider myself having had a quintessential New York dining experience at one of the city’s best restaurants. If you somehow possess the right to be picky in this hotspot, bug them for a table in the back. It’s super cozy and you just might see a celeb. If you can’t snag a dinner reservation aim for a brunch/lunch spot, which are easier to snag.

Check out Minetta Tavern
113 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012
Phone:(212) 475-3850

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