The Five Best Cocktails I’ve Discovered Around The World

Vacationing to me is synonymous with cocktailing! Kicking back and relaxing for moi inevitably involves at least one drink. So sue me! Having visited some incredible places and luxury hotels across the world I have had the chance to try some amazingly unique cocktails. I thought I would share some of the most unique spirits I’ve had the pleasure to try across the world! I am not your average girl–I don’t like super-sweet drinks so finding a drink I love is no easy feat. Here are my favorites, in no particular order…

Best Cocktails Canyon Ranch

The Purple Pillow at the late Canyon Ranch Miami, which is made with lavender-infused vodka, blueberries and lime.

Boa Steakhouse Best Drinks

The Strawberry Balsamic martini at Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles. The balsamic really cut the sweetness with a little bit of sour that made for the perfect balance.

Lychee Martini Prime 112 Miami


The Lychee Martini at Prime 112 in Miami. The bar also serves bacon as a snack, which is obviously awesome!

Oak Room Copley Plaza Bar


The drink on the left, I don’t know remember what it was called but it was bourbon and muddled blueberries garnished with roquefort stuffed olives at the Oak Room at the Copley Plaza in Boston.

Finally,  the Lychee-Ginger Martini at Mews of Mayfair had the perfect amount of spice and sweet.

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