My Experience the Four Seasons Los Angeles Beverly Hills: Definitely One of the Best Hotels in LAX!

Last week I was out in Los Angeles for business. As a New Yorker, we are taught to hate Los Angeles based on nothing else other than the fact that it is pretty much NY’s polar opposite. Since NYers are notoriously intolerant we don’t need much else. But being somewhat of a rational person I just can’t buy into the rivalry–LA is awesome! There, I said it. I was in LA for a conference but I just had to stay an extra day so I could enjoy a bit of the Los Angeles sunshine—and of course In-n-Out Burger. I chose to stay at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills since The Four Seasons is one of my favorite hotel chains out there (as you must know by now).  As usual the Four Seasons did not disappoint!

Four Seasons Best Hotels Beverly Hills

Welcome Mrs. Goldstein!

The hotel was recently renovated in 2010 and the $33 million dollars were well spent! When I checked in I was upgraded to a higher floor and let me tell you, my room did not just have an incredible view of LA, it had THE view. And we had a balcony to enjoy it from (mini photoshoot anyone?).

Four Seasons Best Hotels Beverly Hills

The Room

The room was beautiful and of course every furnishing looked brand new. The room was equipped with also equipped with some serious state-of-the-art technology: a large flatscreen TV, a Bose iPod dock, and an iPad2! There is one in every room and each is equipped with “Interactive Customer Experience” technology. What that means is that you can order room service, call your car from the valet stand, put in a housekeeping request, arrange transportation, book restaurant reservations or even a spa treatment. How high-tech! The only thing I would say is that no one informed us of this at check-in, which seems like a tragedy! We had to figure it out for ourselves. Lucky for us, I see an iPad and I can’t not play.

Four Seasons Best Hotels Beverly Hills

Random Acts of Luxury

As usual the Four Seasons takes luxury to another level. The bed was one of the most comfortable I have ever slept in (I am told it’s Stearns and Foster) and the bathroom contained jumbo-sized Bvlgari products. (I found this particularly luxurious—who else is with me out there on this, I can’t stand teeny bottles that I can’t squeeze an ounce out of? W Hotels, I’m talking to you! Those Bliss bottles are way too small). Oh! And we also had delicious cupcakes awaiting us in our room upon arrival.

Four Seasons Best Hotels Beverly Hills

The Pool

It was finally time to relax! I had finished my conference and all I wanted to do was eat a delicious lunch by the pool and soak up some sunshine. The pool is located on the second floor, where the Spa and outdoor gym are also located. The workout facilities are fabulous, I checked them out as I sipped champagne from my lounge chair. The pool was gorgeous. They provide sunscreen and aloe, which I love since then I don’t have to pack any and can carry on my luggage. There are also magazines and books for your reading pleasure. But of course my favorite part about Four Seasons poolside experience is the treats they bring you.

Four Seasons Best Hotels Beverly Hills

Little snacks like nuts, fruit and even a popsicle, which I creatively dipped into my wine and used as an ice cube when it began to warm in the sun.


My friend and I had planned on having lunch at Culina, the hotel’s modern Italian restaurant. However, unfortunately we arrived after the kitchen had closed (I blame our GPS) so we dined at Cabana. Turns out, Cabana was incredible too, it’s definitely one of those restaurants that I will dream about forever. I don’t know how they do it but they serve spa-inspired cuisine that somehow tastes more delicious than any fatty, indulgent meal. Everything was extremely healthy but absolutely delectable. My friend and I shared two salads and they were extremely filling, which always is a pleasant surprise. The ambiance here was incredible too: aside from being poolside the restaurant is filled with tropical greenery and I especially loved the citrus trees surrounding us.  If Cabana had an outpost in New York I would eat here every single week.


The Four Seasons hotels are notorious for their over-the-top floral arrangements and the Four Seasons Los Angeles Beverly Hills’ flowers no exception. Aside from simply being gorgeous, the smell of the flowers fill the hotel with a delightful aroma that can only be had from fresh flowers on this scale. The grounds of the hotel were beautiful too, fountains, fireplaces, you name it. The property had a fresh feeling but still maintained a warm atmosphere.

Four Seasons Best Hotels Beverly Hills


The staff and service at the Four Seasons was top-notch as it always is but more importantly in a city like Los Angeles, they are extremely well-connected. Try getting a reservation at a trendy restaurant without a connection in Los Angeles, I dare you. This is a definite perk of being a guest here. Hey, in LA it really is all about who you know!

Of Note:

Check which Four Seasons you are staying at, my friend and I went to the wrong one first. Also be sure to type in Beverly Hills and not Los Angeles into your GPS since there are apparently 2 different 200 Doheny Drives—one in Beverly Hills and one in Los Angeles.

Four Seasons Best Hotels Beverly Hills

Bargain hunters will have to give up a view, but if it means getting a room here I highly recommend making the sacrifice.

80% of press junkets are done at the Four Seasons on the top floor. When we arrived they were filming clips for The Heat. Cool, right? Oh how I wish I could have met Melissa McCarthy!

The hotel provides complimentary coffee and high-quality tea in the morning in the lobby if you’re up early enough.

Don’t be surprised if you see a famous face at this iconic establishment. It’s a favorite of Hollywood’s A-Listers.

Definitely stop by Windows lounge at night it’s quite a scene. I wish I hadn’t had to wake up the next morning at 5 AM for my flight home. Better yet, I wish I didn’t have a flight home and could stay forever.

For more information, visit The Four Seasons Los Angeles Beverly Hills Online. 

300 South Doheny Drive. Los Angeles, CA
(310) 273-2222

*I was given an upgrade for press but as always opinions herein are my own. Can’t buy the love here, people!*

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