My Review and Experience at The Beverly Hilton Did Not Live Up to the Hype

When I first found out I would be staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on my trip to Los Angeles, images of Hollywood glamour and the Golden Globes flashed through my mind–but this hotel has seen better days. Today, if you look closely you can see remnants of what used to be an iconic hotel but in my opinion it is in need of some major refreshment and renovation. Everything about this property screams outdated. If you know what you’re getting into the Beverly Hilton Hotel is fine, it is a great hotel for a business trip and it is pretty inexpensive compared to other properties in Beverly Hills but it is not a luxury property like so many (including myself) believe. In my opinion, at the Bev Hilt, you get what you pay for.

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The Grounds

The main part of the lobby is one of the few parts of the hotel that feels like it’s part of the 21st century. It’s pretty grand and the floral arrangements were fresh and impressive. (Y’all know I love a good floral arrangement!) I was given a room in the Oasis tower. On my walk over we passed through the hotel bar. It is round with tiered floors and brown carpet—I felt like I had just reentered the 1970s. Definitely not the swankiest hotel bar I’ll tell you that much. We had cocktails there and they are not worth the sugar calories, stick to the wine. After passing the bar, I passed a surprisingly chic hotel boutique that kind of made me think maybe this hotel could be cool afterall. But then I saw it—a dirty birdcage smack in the middle of the hall. All I could think was what is this doing here? There was no rhyme or reason for its presence. The birds weren’t particularly luxurious. They looked like your average pet-store variety, again, why were they here? I couldn’t avert my eyes from the bottom of the cage where all of the bird droppings collected. Charming. In what world is this luxurious? Ever onward, I pressed on and headed to my room.

Beverly Hilton Hotel Review

The Room

The room itself is fine. Nothing too special but it was clean and the furnishings were relatively new. I overlooked a courtyard that was pretty. Everything was clean and there was a flatscreen television and a bose clock/radio so what more could I ask for on a business trip. The bathroom had marble floors and decent bath products but something about the room just wasn’t luxurious even though all of the right amenities were available. Rooms are equipped with a minibar, coffee maker, hairdryer, safe and white robes to lounge around in. There is also an arm chair and desk which is nice if you’re there for business. I suspect that the other towers are a bit more elegant. I am told that Tower rooms have beautiful views of Beverly Hills and beautiful amenities but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Beverly Hilton Pool View Los Angeles

The Pool

The Beverly Hilton Pool is uncharacteristically charming in comparison to the rest of the hotel. This is perhaps the only part of the hotel that feels glamorous. It’s actually also the largest heated pool in Beverly Hills. Trader Vic’s Lounge serves up a famous Mai Tai, but that’s where their specialties quit. The fare and rest of the drinks are mediocre and rather overpriced. The ambience though is pretty decent, you can have a cocktail around fireplaces set in front of many of the tables in the lounge.

Bottom Line

When I told friends and family that I was coming to stay at the Beverly Hilton Hotel everyone seemed enchanted and utterly impressed—they clearly haven’t been. If you are looking for a swanky, Los Angeles experience in Beverly Hills I would not recommend staying here. I was disappointed when I came here hoping for Beverly Hills 90210. However, if you’re looking for a decent place in a decent location for a decent price, The Beverly Hilton is a decent option. If I came here for the weekend expecting a decent business hotel I would have been content. It’s all about managing expectations.

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