Stay Fit While Traveling with the Perfect Easy Hotel Room Workout

Do you work out on vacation? Because I am embarrassed to say that I don’t. It’s not just a rarity, I have actually never physically went to a gym while on vacation. It’s to the point that my husband won’t even let me pack workout clothes anymore because he knows it will never happen. There are just too many amazing things to do and see in the fabulous places I travel to, what can I say? The perfect solution then is to do a little mini-workout in the room because half of the battle is getting ready for the gym. If I could do it quickly with an extra ten minutes here and there I think it could do wonders. I was lucky enough to get to chat with Monica Vazquez, NYC-based fitness expert and New York Sports Club Personal Trainer. Monica is known for maximizing time and effort for each of her clients, creating individualized programs based on each person’s physical and emotional needs and goals. Monica is a contributing editor at Fitness magazine, is an official trainer for SUBWAY restaurants and has made frequent appearances on CBS’s Early Show, The Dr Oz Show, and was a trainer on Food Network’s Fat Chef.

hotel room workout

We checked in with Monica to get her tips on the perfect hotel room workouts that you can squeeze in any time of the day to help you stay fit during your vacations. After hearing what Monica had to say, I believe that working out on the road isn’t impossible. Here are a few ideas to creatively get your sweat on while traveling:

  • Use a luggage rack as a prop. You can put one hand on each side of it and do pushups off of it. You can also use a luggage rack or a chair in your hotel room to to triceps dips.
  • An iron is a great substitute for a kettlebell (as you would find in a UXF class!). You can do many exercises with it as a weight – just make sure to wrap the cord securely around the iron so you don’t accidently flick yourself with a plug! You can sit in and out of a chair holding a phone book for extra resistance to work your legs. For an extra challenge, sit in and out of the chair using only one leg.
  • The stairs in a hotel or motel are a great source of cardio. You will get the same results as you would get on a stairclimber that you would find at the gym, except what goes up must come down! You will actually use your muscles in a totally different way on the way down the stairs, which will add a nice variety to your workout.
  • You can use a lighter prop, such as a bible, to work your rotator cuffs, as in lying on the floor and doing external rotations. You can also use a blow dryer as a weight – remember if you are drying your hair, to switch hands and you will work both of your shoulders equally!
  • If you are a runner or walker, many hotels have running maps or concierges who will be happy to show you a route to check out the surrounding area. It’s a great opportunity to explore a new place while burning some extra calories!
  • And, of course, there are oldies but goodies… All you need is a little space to squeeze in some yoga, pilates or core exercises on your hotel room floor.
  • Also remember to stretch as much as you can after you arrive at your destination. If you have been in a cramped position (ie: on a plane, bus or car), your body will thank you and will recover better to time zone changes if you loosen up your muscles and keep oxygen flowing to them!


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