Midwest Getaways: Top 10 Best Things to Do in Cleveland

It’s true what Drew Carey says ya know! Cleveland Rocks! I’m from the fabulous city of Cleveland. Okay so maybe fabulous is a bit of an overstatement but Cleveland actually has become quite the burgeoning little city to visit! There are amazing museums, restaurants and yes, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! But there’s seriously so much more! I lived here for 18 years and still go back to visit my family a few times a year so I consider myself quite the expert. Here are my top picks for what to do in Cleveland, Ohio!

1. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Okay so of course this has to go first. It’s definitely Cleveland’s number one attraction, or at least it’s most well-known. There is plenty of Rock and Roll memorabilia to go around. You will love the interactive exhibits.

What to Do in Cleveland

2. Cleveland Museum of Art
So it may not be the MET but this is definitely one of my favorite art museums in the world. They finally finished incredible renovations that took them years. And they were totally worth it! There is a surprisingly extensive collection of European paintings here too in addition to work by great American artists as well. Cleveland doesn’t mess around! There are actually Picasso paintings here as well as many other famous Impressionist works. The Cleveland History Museum is also really cool!

3. WestSide Market
This is a must for foodies! There is a cafe inside the market itself or you can come and just handpicked, fresh veggies and fruits. The building is an architectural gem. The prepared foods here are delicious! I’m obsessed with the pierogis! Come hungry!

4. Catch a Game! And see Lebron!
He’s baaaaaaaaaack! Yep, Lebron is back in his hometown on the best team in the world–err they will be soon enough… But Cleveland has other great sports teams, too! Come root for the tribe at Progressive Field, the Cavaliers at the Q (Quicken Arena) or the Browns! Tickets are usually somewhat reasonable and catching a game is always a great night out!

5. Little Italy
Come take a walk through Cleveland’s Little Italy. Stop into classic restaurants like Mama Santa’s or bars like Oenotria for a glass of wine on their back patio. It’s so romantical!

6. Cleveland Metroparks
The parks are so beautiful and its really massive–20,000 acres! Pack a picnic basket or take one of the many hiking trails. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is also great! Truly competitive with some of the best zoos in the country.

7. Hear the Cleveland Orchestra Rock!
Why? Because they’re one of the best in the world! And if you really want to be wowed, see them outdoors during the summer at Blossom Music Center. If you’re lucky you might catch a late night fireworks display after the show.

8. Amusement Parks!
Although they’re not technically in Cleveland, they’re close enough by my terms! Cedar Point (1 hour from downtown) are some of the nation’s best amusement parks in the country!

9. Coventry
This alternative area has some great restaurants (Tommy’s & Hunan on Coventry are my favorite), fun shops (Big Fun) and funky bars. Check out the Grog Shop if you’re looking for a night of hardcore rocking.

10. Take a Sail on the Lake
Yes, Lake Erie caught on fire but it’s still beautiful! Go for a dinner cruise on the Good Time III or rent a boat during the day. The city looks beautiful!

11. Chagrin Falls
This charming little town couldn’t be left off my list! Come see the falls, walk around its adorable shops and don’t forget a visit to the Popcorn Shop for some treats and Jenny’s Ice Cream for some of the most inventive ice cream flavors you’ll ever have!

Runners Up: The Cleveland Horseshoe Casino, Great Lakes Science Center, Great Lakes Brewing Company and The Christmas Story House and Museum.

Also, if I’ve made your mouth water, check out what I consider to be the Best Cleveland Restaurants (or at least my favorites!)

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