Travel Blogger Spotlight: Jayne Gorman 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

It’s that time again! Time for your favorite feature, “25 Things You Dont Know About” your favorite travel bloggers, modeled after US Weekly’s famous section where celebs dish about random facts in their lives. That’s always the most interesting stuff to me!  So that’s what I do here, I help you learn about the fun and silly secrets of your favorite travel bloggers. This week I’m featuring Jayne Gorman. Jayne is a freelance writer and social media specialist. She is the author of award-winning travel blog 40before30, about her quest to blog 40 countries before her 30th birthday. She also runs a site dedicated to shopping on your travels at TravellingShopaholic. We had the chance to meet Jayne when we were abroad in London and she’s so warm and sweet! We were seated across the table from each other and didn’t get to chat as much as I had hoped. So, to compensate I did this feature and got to find out 25 super fun facts about her! Check ’em out!

1. I am left-handed

2. I was a straight A geek at school

3. I am a bachelor of Law

4. Which basically means I have a law degree from Kings College London

5. I secured the lead in a musical at primary school only to get the giggles halfway through my big solo. That was the end of my acting career.

6. I have done a tandem skydive from 15,000 feet

7. I nearly died white water rafting in New Zealand. I had to go down a grade 5 rapid on my bum as there was no other way to rescue me.

8. I saved for my gap year by working at BMW’s UK Head Office even though..

9. I don’t own a drivers license

10. I do own a bicycle though

11. And I am (sometimes) brave enough to ride it around the streets of London

12. I live in London

13. I date a travel blogger

14. He is Australian

15. We did out first ever press trip together

16. To Sweden

17. My first ever blog was called 7 months in 7 dresses

18. But I really packed more than 7 dresses in my backpack

19. And I stopped writing it after only 4 months

20. Because it was hard to get internet connection in Fiji!

21. I’m obsessed with India though

22. And read several books about it each month

23. In fact, I read a lot

24. But writing is my passion

25. I dream of being a published author one day

Keep up with Jayne on Twitter @JayneyTravels

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