Perfect Luxury Weekend Getaway From New York: Mohegan Sun Resort Review

If you’re looking for a quick, luxurious getaway from New York City without having to board a plane, I highly recommend a visit to Mohegan Sun. The renowned casino is only about 130 miles from NYC but feels like worlds apart. I was so impressed with the fine dining and entertainment options that Mohegan Sun offers luxury travelers. I couldn’t believe all the exquisite details at this Connecticut Casino Hotel.

Aquai VIP Check-In


Check-in was a cinch! We checked in through Aquai (VIP Check-In) and entered a small private room just to the left of the main entrance and were immediately offered beverages like champagne and coffee. The process was seamless and the staffer did his best to ensure we got a room we would enjoy. Personally, we preferred a high floor, away from the elevator—and that’s exactly what we got.

Luxury Getaways from New York City


The Lobby

The Lobby is simply breathtaking.  At its center is a beautiful reflecting pool that is an homage to Woodland Ponds, which are surrounded by mod-looking trees that allow the light from the skylight to pass down into the pool.  The design does a great job of integrating elegance with Native American culture.

If you continue straight through the lobby and head toward the hotel’s restaurants and casinos you will reach an escalator and stairs. When you look down, you’ll see an enormous Chihuly glass sculpture–to me, this really signified that I was at a luxury hotel. It is beyond gorgeous and photos simply do not do it justice.   Behind this masterpiece is a 55-foot waterfall! And there is nothing this girl loves more than a waterfall! The lobby definitely achieves a WOW effect.  After seeing it, I was definitely excited for our stay. I knew the hotel had its act together. Added bonus?  I could not even detect a hint of smoke, which was a surprising relief!

Welcome Gift!

The Room

We went upstairs to check out our room and of course drop off our bags and get changed for dinner.  I was again pleasantly surprised by the lack of a smoky scent. It is a casino after all! Before I had a chance to finish digging through my over-packed suitcase, someone was at the door. It was a waiter bearing gifts: a chocolate-covered strawberry surprise for our romantic weekend away! I simply love touches like this!

best luxury getaway nyc

I was in room 2162 and it was very spacious. Everything in the room was modern. It wasn’t extravagant but it was very nicely appointed and everything was clean. Rooms feature complimentary high-speed internet access, daily newspaper delivery, desk, coffee maker, and much more. The bed was quite comfortable too. One of my favorite things about the room was its view, which was breathtaking—an abundance of greenery and a lake! Very picturesque.

Room with a View

The bathroom was immaculate. It featured a separate stall for the toilet, which I’m always a fan of. There was a makeup mirror for moi! That might just be one of my favorite parts of luxury hotels.  Don’t ask me why I don’t just have one of these installed at home because I don’t have an answer! I wish there were his and her sinks but hey, we survived. The toiletries were nice as well. The soap was shea butter and green tea! We both liked it!

My Famous Bathroom Mirror Photo

White Glove Inspection

The bed linens were white and clean as a whistle. You know I lift the entire mattress and check under the sheets, right?  I live in Manhattan where the phrase “Don’t let the bedbugs bite” is taken very seriously. I can find nothing else to complain about either, which is great news for other clean freaks like me.

The Grounds

Mohegan Sun is basically like its own miniature city. There are tons of restaurants, many bars, extensive shopping (Coach, Swarovski, Tiffany & Co., Godiva, Brookstone and Sephora), a nice fitness center, an Elemis Spa and three grand casinos! There is also a large indoor pool and a golf course, complete with CT scenery.

Love a good waterfall!

The Casinos

There are three casinos—Casino of the Sky, Wind and Earth, all of which offer slots, poker and traditional table games. I still am not sure how Mohegan Sun does it, but somehow even the casinos don’t smell smoky. How is this possible? I am told it is because of the high ceilings, but I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of magic! I’m not a huge gambler so I’m not going to pretend that I know whether the casino itself has good gambling, but they do have plenty of slot machines to keep novices like me happy. And they bring drinks around often, which makes lady lucks, like me, happy!

Luxury Escape from NYC

View from VISTA Lounge

One of my favorite lounges in the casinos was VISTA Lounge, located in Wombi Rock at the center of the casino. Does anyone remember GUTS on Nickelodeon from when you were younger? Well, the giant sculpture that surrounds the bar reminds me of the Agro-Crag from that old TV series. But I digress. The VISTA Lounge is a true luxury lounge, complete with VIP sections and plenty of bottle service. The DJ spins energetic music until 2 AM on weekends. I also loved the view of the world’s largest indoor planetarium—located just above your head here. Very cool!

Fra Diavlo Pizza at BALLO

The Dish

The dining options at Mohegan Sun are seemingly endless. One could spend an entire week here and still not have eaten everywhere. I was so impressed with the quality of food at every single one of the restaurants I dined at. The first night I had dinner at Ballo, an extremely sophisticated Italian eatery. This space resembles a gothic abbey and is truly elegant. More importantly though, the food was out of this world. I highly recommend the Pizza Fra Diavlo and the Shrimp Tagliatelle. The second night we dined at celebrity chef, Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain. The steak there was out of this world as was everything else. The homemade chips and blue cheese sauce are NOT to be missed. Finally, for our farewell meal we visited Todd English’s Tuscany, which served up an incredible Sunday brunch. Did I mention how affordable the prices are? A full stack of French toast here was only $8! I am not exaggerating when I say it could reasonably feed a family of four! The smoked salmon flatbread was also delectable! There are so many restaurants here and I vouch to return and try a stuffed burger at Hash House a Go-Go!

Bar at BALLO

Tuna Tartare at Bar Americain

The Entertainment

The entertainment options here are pretty top-notch. Whether you’re looking for comedy, a magic show, or a rock concert from divas as big as Beyonce, Mohegan Sun has what you’re looking for.  Concerts for huge headliners are held in Mohegan Sun Arena, and if you’re looking for something more low-key, check out the Wolf Den (in Casino on Earth) for free live music.

The Spa

If you’re looking for an extra dose of romance and relaxation, check out Elemis Spa. Although it is not over-the-top luxurious, it does offer treatments at affordable prices.

The Last Word: Is it For Me?

When looking for luxury escapes from New York City, don’t overlook the idea of a visit to Mohegan Sun. I was truly impressed with this sprawling resort and luxury is a must for me when I travel. One visit here is all it will take to get you to want to plan your return trip.

I recently visited Foxwoods and I would say, if you’re looking to experience more of a Vegas-ish luxury then I would choose Mohegan Sun, especially if you’re looking for some good food! While Foxwoods can be a good time, it could be updated a little and again, I’m just not a fan of smoke. Foxwoods’ spa, though, is more luxurious than Mohegan Sun’s so it really depends on what you’re looking for. Overall, I think Mohegan Sun is just a little more luxurious.

Happy Camper After Drink Above

Hotel Information

Visit Mohegan Sun
1 Mohegan Sun Blvd, Montville, CT 06382
(888) 226-7711

*I visited Mohegan Sun as part of a press trip but as always my opinions herein are my own! Can’t buy my love! Just ask my husband*

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