What to Pack For Your Beach Vacation

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The summer holidays are in full swing, and this can mean a trip to the beach or the lake to cool off over the hot summer months. Whether you have been working on your bikini body for the last few months to get trim, or you’re just hanging loose and enjoying life, here are some tips to help you look amazing when you are lounging about on the beach.

If you are petite, you can rock out in this summer’s vibrant coloured swimsuits. Try to avoid wearing something that is patterned with flowers or polka dots, though, as this can make you look a little bit young–unless you’re old, and then you may just look juvenile. This season’s must have shades of yellow always look amazing, especially once you’ve got a good tan going.

At the opposite end, plus size women can look great in patterned swimsuits. Halter necks can look beautiful on, and tankinis can hide any lumps or bumps. One piece swimsuits can often add shape by using linings which tighten up your figure. Ruffles and blousy patterns will also distract the eye.

If you have a more boyish figure, try a feminine print to add sweetness. Avoid strapless styles as these can make you look squarer and demonstrate that you don’t need straps. Instead, go over the top with lots of detail. Diagonal strips can add the illusion of curves.

Tall ladies can get away with a two piece, no straps, as one piece can show just how long that torso is! Work those long legs with a high leg cut bikini bottom. Bold patterns and bright colours can really make you look amazing.

If you have bigger boobs, halter necks styles can provide lift, as well as under wired tops. Draped midriffs draw the eye away from the chest, and sporty styles can prevent bouncing. Bottom heavy women can rock strips around the middle to also draw the eye. Boy shorts provide great coverage and look lovely.

Small busted ladies can rock some padding, with a bright print. Tighter is better, as gaping ruins the illusion.

There’s more to a beach holiday than that, and once you’ve booked your flights to Alicante or wherever, there’s more essentials that you need.

Sandals are essential, as these can be worn day and night. Sunglasses will stop you squinting and getting fine lines around your eyes, as will a high factor sunscreen. Don’t forget the sunscreen, aloe and bugspray too! A tote bag will carry your towel and anything else you might need and it’s always a good idea to take a shirt or t shirt to cover your shoulders if it gets too hot. Plus, don’t forget to cover your face with a nice floppy sun hat!

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