The Perfect Gift for a Travel Enthusiast: Escape Monthly

I know that I’m obsessed with travel but I suffer from needing to escape from the daily grind on a weekly if not daily basis. Clearly though, even a travel writer can’t be traveling all the time–or, well, at least this one can’t. But I do constantly have the urge on my mind. I was sent a package from Escape Monthly a couple weeks ago. Escape Monthly is a new subscription-based service that is essentially a “vacation in a box.” Each month there is a new destination themed delivery of luxury products that will help you relax and escape to a different travel spot.

fun travel gift

Once a month you get your little blue pill box, filled with tons of luxurious products that are inspired by a new destination. The box I received was themed from Napa Valley. There was a slew of products that come from or embody Napa valley. Bath salts, candles, body scrub, a loofah, cookies and more!

Escape Monthly costs $49.95/month (which includes shipping). The content varies but there will be all kinds of luxury products inspired by the monthly destination. There will also be a travel guide and special travel offers–there will also be a chance to win a vacation for two to the destination each month.

The Pros

I think it’s pretty fun to receive something on a monthly basis. It’s also cool because I am so forgetful and by the time I got this package I had forgotten that it was on its way. Then it was like a surprise present in the mail. I also liked the bonus, which this month was a $50 wine gift card! It already paid for itself, right!

The Cons

I think the travel guide is kind of a waste since I am most likely not visiting the destination in the near future.

To learn more about Escape Monthly, click here. Currently there is a 20% off deal if you sign up soon (Use code YOURESCAPE).

*Disclosure* I received this box for purposes of a product review. All opinions herein are my own. I was encouraged to be honest and give honest feedback. 

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