Welcome Mrs. Goldstein: Four Seasons Las Vegas Hotel Review. A Luxury Resort Experience!

This past weekend I visited Las Vegas for the first time since I was 20 years old. I knew that the experience would be quite different from what I remembered, which was mainly a trip to the Prada and M&M store. For this visit I would be upgrading my hotel from the last time and staying at the Four Seasons Las Vegas. As I expected, the Four Seasons Las Vegas proved to be quite a treat and also quite an escape from the rest of the bustling Las Vegas strip. Just so you know, I did not arrange this visit through any of my press connections. This review is honest (as always) and I paid for my room just like any guest.


Check-in was easy and when we were done we were offered complimentary bottled waters before heading to our room.

Luxury Hotel Las Vegas Four Seasons

Gorgeous Orchids

The Lobby

The Lobby was simple yet elegant. When you arrive (depending on time of day) you are greeted by The Four Seasons Elvis, which I thought was kind of funny. I do enjoy how the Four Seasons incorporate cute local touches and humor. When you enter the lobby, there is a nice and relaxing lounge in its center, which is calm and smoke-free. Here you can grab a creative cocktail from Press, the lobby bar. You may find a group of people have a few cocktails together but this bar is pretty chill, no one is partying too hard.

Best Luxury Hotel Las Vegas

Enjoying our Champagne in the Lobby

Down the hall to the left is a stunning grand staircase and in true Four Seasons’ fashion, a large table with their world-famous floral arrangements.

four seasons las vegas renovation

I need this bed and headboard, stat!

The Room

After check-in, we headed up to our room to get changed for a night out on the town. I was impressed again by the lack of smoke smell–the Four Seasons is after all located on top of Mandalay Bay, which has a very popular casino of course.

We were informed upon check-in that the Four Seasons had recently underwent renovations and that its rooms were actually the most recently renovated on the strip. I personally loved the decor. It was modern while still being warm. Sort of Crate and Barrel meets Art Deco meets Vegas. Think pops of color and lots of geometric shapes. Everything in the room was modern and nice and new! The furniture and furnishings were top of the line and there was of course state-of-the-art technology like flatscreen TVs, Bose iPod docks, etc. There were also down duvets and pillows, which I love.

four seasons las vegas luxury resort

The bathroom was immaculate and featured an enormous mirror that lit up around the edges. I don’t know about you but I love a well-lit bathroom so I can see. There is nothing worse than a dimly lit, dingy hotel room. I hate leaving wondering what I look like and whether my makeup is properly blended! The bathroom also featured a separate stall for the toilet, which I’m always a fan of. Does no one else need privacy?! There was a makeup mirror as well, which I love–especially in front of this gloriously lit vanity mirror! I probably spent a good amount of time here studying my eyebrows. There were not double sinks, which I do prefer but we suffered through it. The toiletries were Etro Lemon Sorbet. I wasn’t a huge fan of what the shampoo/conditioner did for my hair but I did like the scent. My favorite part of the bathroom though was the deep-soaking tub. And it filled rather quickly, I must say! Oh and of course thick, terry bathrobes (no slippers though).

Luxury Bath Products

The Location

The Four Seasons Las Vegas is conveniently located as I mentioned on the top four floors of Mandalay Bay. Its location provides breathtaking views of the Las Vegas strip. Rooms either face the strip or the pools. However, don’t let them tell you that all views are created equal–they’re not. The strip view is far superior so I would definitely opt for that in advance. The pool view was nice too but they don’t compare.

The hotel itself is a little off the main part of the strip but not far at all from many other main attractions. I myself preferred being a little outside of the action. The Four Seasons felt like an oasis amidst the chaos of Sin City. Plus you have easy access to Mandalay Bay if you want in on the action.

White Glove Inspection

It’s a Four Seasons and a newly renovated one at that. I of course don’t have one single complaint. I couldn’t even find a scratch.

The Grounds

The hotel features its own pool for its guests looking to experience some relaxation. The main pool (as well as two whirlpools) are located beside the Fitness Center (very nice). The resort-style pool deck is lushly landscaped and has plenty of chairs for guests looking to get some sun as well as for guests looking to relax in the shade. There are also fountains that mist water on guests in certain areas to cool you down from the desert heat.

Pool with a View

There are light meals and snacks served by waitstaff poolside throughout the day. And in the usual Four Seasons style, attendants circulate periodically with fun treats like ice pops and frozen fruit. Oh, and there is an incredible waterfall right beside the pool.

Best five star resort las vegas

Magnificent Water Fountain on opposite side of waterfall

There is also a Business Center available for guests to print or use for their meeting requirements. Finally, while there are not any casinos in the Four Seasons, guests have access through the hotel to the many casino games at Mandalay Bay.

Best luxury hotel four seasons las vegas

Fountain in the Driveway

The Dish

The dining options at the Four Seasons Las Vegas are fabulous. Plus, in addition to the onsite Charlie Palmer Steak and Verandah, guests enjoy signing privileges at Mandalay Bay’s 22 restaurants–several of which are helmed by world-renowned chefs.

best restaurant las vegas brunch

Donut Bar!

I had the chance to dine at Verandah for its lovely brunch, which I was told I could not miss by Kelley Ferro. I mean, there is a “Design your own” donut bar, people! There were different glazes, sprinkles and toppings to choose from so clearly I was in my own personal version of heaven.

best luxury hotel las vegas four seasons

No Caption Necessary

The rest of the food was incredible as well. I expected nothing less from a Four Seasons brunch. To start we had soy lattes and fresh-squeezed, guava banana juices. And then the health factor just went down from there. Although of course there were plenty of healthy options, my eyes were instantly drawn to the eggs benedict, croissants, donuts and I lost my will power.

Four Seasons Las Vegas Five Star Best Hotel

Champagne at PRESS bar in the Lobby

The Spa

Although I didn’t have time to enjoy the spa, I did take a chance to peek inside. The Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas offers a restful sanctuary with plenty of relaxing treatments with everything from facials that promote anti-aging to signature massages like the Desert Oasis Hot Stone massage, which uses delightful desert oils.

Best Luxury hotel Las Vegas

Partying with Four Seasons Elvis

The Last Word: Is it For Me?

I had a fabulous experience here. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking to experience Vegas’ essence but also looking to have a retreat to escape to when you need a bit of relaxation. I really liked how you could pop over to Mandalay Bay when you were ready to party (I highly recommend the Foundation Room–excellent music and sweeping views) but that you could come home to the luxury and serenity of the Four Seasons.

foundation room

Hotel Information

Visit the Four Seasons Las Vegas online.
3960 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 632-5000

*I visited the Four Seasons Las Vegas on my own. I paid for my room myself and did not receive a special press rate. Before I came, I told myself that I wasn’t going to work since I was in town for a friend’s wedding. But it was just so beautiful, I couldn’t help but instagram and Twitter. So then I got these…Thanks for the wonderful stay as always!*

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