New York Palace Set to Unveil Final Completion of $140 Million Renovations

The New York Palace, a luxury midtown hotel, has completed the second phase of its $140 million renovation. The first phase has already transformed the property’s premier rooms and suites in The Towers, a hotel-within-a-hotel. Additional upgrades include the addition of six culinary destinations (two of which will be helmed by renowned Chef Michel Richard) and a redesign of its hotel Lobby as well as the Towers’ Lobby. This hotel has always been an iconic New York landmark. Michael Jackson used to frequent the Palace, Derek Jeter lived here for a short stint after selling his apartment and Blake Lively’s character, Serena, resided here in Gossip Girl’s utopian Upper East Side.


All the new dining options and the comprehensive lobby overhauls were part of the grand plans to create a modern urban oasis while still retaining the hotel’s luxurious and classic architectural elements. The lobby has been streamlined and lightened up a bit but with plenty of luxurious touches.

“In reconstructing The New York Palace’s main Lobby, we wanted to both honor the hotel’s classic and historical elements and add a modern edge,” said Alexandra Champalimaud, President & Principal Designer of Champalimaud. “Now, the Lobby acts more as a transitional space. Previously, it was large, but undefined. There was not an obvious place to congregate. With the addition of Trouble’s Trust and the Lobby Lounge, there are designated, energetic spaces to meet.”

I can’t wait to attend the unveiling of the new renovations in a couple weeks. I am especially excited to check out the lauded Chef Michel Richard’s new spots. One is a restaurant called Villard Michel Richard, the name paying homage to Henry Villard, the 19th-century financier whose namesake mansion is still a part of the hotel. The other is a French market with café seating called Pomme Palais, whose moniker is a play on the “Big Apple.” How adorable is that, oui oui?

Stay tuned for photos in a couple of weeks! We promise they won’t disappoint!

For more information, visit the New York Palace online.

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