Livin’ Large at the Luxe Escalade 2015 Reveal Party

I have to admit, when the Cadillac Escalade was originally released, I thought, who is going to drive one of these monster trucks? That is until rapper, Ludacris, proclaimed he was going to “do it on top of his Escalade” and bragged about his “Cadillac Grillz…” then everyone wanted one. Once pop culture is hocking your product for you, you know you’ve made it. This once seemingly obsolete vehicle has become one of the best-selling luxury SUVs in America. Not only do the country’s One Percent enjoy cruising in these bad boys but they’ve become the poster-child for luxury car services everywhere. Who isn’t happy to get picked up from the airport in an Escalade?

Last night I was invited to the reveal party for the 2015 Escalade–apparently (at least according to Cadillac) I am a luxury influencer, people. Take note. Anyway, I am no car expert, nor do I pretend to be one. I live in New York City after all and I’m sure that those who know me would have a good laugh trying to imagine me parking an Escalade on the streets of Manhattan. I do, however, specialize in luxury, travel and generally living large (yeah, I went there). Last night’s reveal party for Cadillac’s 2015 Escalade, like the car itself, was bold and over-the-top, just the way a party for an iconic luxury car (and its launch party) should be.

Ruby Amanfu

While members of the press caught up over cocktails and mini lobster rolls, Ruby Amanfu kicked off the night with lots of energy and plenty of enjoyable, jazzy numbers. Guests were also treated to a photography exhibit by famous Indie rock photographer, Autumn de Wilde. Her photographs were amazing and they captured the new Escalade as well as those who helped build and design it. De Wilde is a storyteller and her favorite subjects are artists at work. The photographs gave an interesting perspective of the Cadillac team who truly are artists in their own right. The photos were able to capture the Cadillac spirit well (do you know that over 100 people contributed to its design? Kind of amazing, right?).

The Donald Taking Care of Business

After guests mingled for a bit, it was time for the big reveal–and this is when “The Donald” and Melania Trump popped in (grabbing a seat front and center). This is when all the big wigs (not a jab at Trump’s mane) from Caddy (yeah we’re on a nickname basis now) let us in on all the details about the big launch and when the new Escalade was rolled out on stage.

New escalade 2015

Donald and Melania Trump

Bob Furgeson, Senior VP at Cadillac stated that “The 2015 Escalade is completely new and elevated in design and technology, inside and out. The clear objective is to once again assume the leadership position among luxury SUVs.”

Luxury SUV Escalade

So here are some fabulous things to take note of about the new ‘Slade’ (which I have learned is how it is known among car aficionados in the biz). First, the cosmetic changes, since let’s face it, that’s what many of us (read–me) care about–at least initially. Finding the perfect car is just like any budding romance–the looks draw you in…we worry about what’s on the inside once someone has grabbed our attention.

  • The car has a more refined body and surface. The face, shield and grill are framed by strong vertical headlamps, which feature LED lights. The grille is a bit more pronounced, and the sides of the car feature stronger edges.
  • There is easier access to the car both for entry and egress from the second row. Getting in back there is a cinch! Trust me, I tried.
  • There is a push-button feature so that second and third row seats will fold flat in no time and without any back-breaking labor involved.
  • The car is extremely quiet on the inside (or so I’m told–I haven’t been asked to drive one just yet). They wanted the car to be a private sanctuary. And I must say–the interior of the car is streamlined, spacious and beautiful. Plus it can fit anyone’s brood back there comfortably! After climbing in the back seat, I’ll tell ya, I wouldn’t mind taking a road trip in one!

  • They spared nothing with technology on this new vehicle. There is much better fuel efficiency. Magnetic ride control is standard.
  • Did I mention that its rims are really gorgeous? Cause they are.

To view the official press release with all kinds of details, visit Cadillac‘s Press Release online.

As someone who knows relatively little about cars and lots about luxury, I will give my opinion, which is that I love the new sleek look. The updates give the Escalade’s iconic look a facelift and then some. For the competition, I think that Cadillac’s 2015 Escalade is looking to take back the title as heavyweight champion in the luxury SUV market and reestablish prominence in an arena, which many believe it created.

I just booked my transport for my press trip next week and guess what vehicle I requested–yep, an Escalade. What can I say, seeing it all dolled up just got me in the mood…

The new 2015 Escalade goes into production this spring and will be available for purchase. Visit Cadillac online for more information.
What do you think about the new Escalade? Let me know in the comments!

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