Climb into the Most Comfortable Hotel Bed with the Four Seasons’ Revolutionary New Mattresses

The other night I had the ultimate one-night stand–with the Four Seasons! They invited me to crawl into bed with them and let me tell you, they sure know how to treat a lady. The event was beyond adorable and even a bit cheeky. The hashtag was #inbedwithFS, but the Four Seasons, of course, managed to keep it classy. They treated guests to a nightcap (or two) and plenty of sleep-inspired canapés like potato pillows with caviar, pigs in a blanket, “awake since yesterday mini cheesesteaks” with coke shots, as well as warm cookies and milk. Then everyone was invited to get into bed with the Four Seasons–literally. They had their new bed set up at the event for everyone to try out. You know I’ve stayed in my fair share of hotels and this is by far the most comfortable hotel bed I’ve tried out yet!

After hopping into bed and testing it out firsthand, I can tell you that I’m pretty sure it’s an actual cloud. I was so impressed. Its level of firmness felt mythical. I felt like Goldilocks, after trying and trying, I finally have found a bed that feels juuuuuuuuuuust right! (And I’m pretty sure that Johnny Jet felt the same way!)

Four Seasons new most comfy bed

Johnny Jet Climbed in Bed with More Than Just a Few Women…

I spoke with Dr. Carol Ash, from Meridien Health who was on call for the event. She let me in on the sleep benefits of crashing at a Four Seasons, from a medical perspective. First,  she explained how the mattress gives you a better night’s sleep by optimizing your body temperature and keeping you cool while you snooze. The mattress’ gel foam center works to absorb heat, while its air pockets cleverly placed throughout the mattress work to dissipate heat. This keeps your body temperature cool, which allows you to maintain your deepest most beneficial level of sleep. Although once you get in, sleep may not be the first thing on your mind…

Luxury Travel Mom and I getting Frisky!

In addition to the work done behind the scenes to create the perfect mattress, the Four Seasons also adds fun, customizable options that are sure to please its spoiled customers. Upon check in, guests can choose from different mattress toppers and pillows. Then, in true Four Seasons style, they will retain your slumber preferences on file so that next time you check-in, your favorite mattress accoutrements will be waiting for you.

And the mattresses only add to the already sleep-conducive ambiance in guest rooms, which are built to be personal sleeping sanctuaries. Turndown service, which is designed to enhance guests’ sleeping experience typically includes dimming of the lights, piping in some relaxing music and sometimes even a little late-night snack left on your pillow.

These new mattresses will be standard at every Four Seasons hotel by 2016. The mattresses will also be available for purchase exclusively through the Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Most Comfortable Bed Event

After the event, I was waiting outside for a taxi home. I was waiting for a while so the attendant just asked the house driver to take me home…in the hotel’s Rolls Royce of course. No one had any idea that I was media, this is just how the Four Seasons, New York rolls (literally).

And how could I not get a shot alone…Travelingpanties in the world’s most comfortable hotel bed?

What a great night, I hope they’ll call me again… Maybe I shouldn’t have jumped into bed so quickly…

Where is your favorite hotel bed located? Let me know in the comments. I love to hear from you!

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