JetBlue Starts New Nonstop Service between New York’s JFK and Savannah/Hilton Head’s SAV Airport

Last night I headed out to celebrate with Jet Blue–admittedly one of my favorite airlines. They’re just like, I don’t know, the cool kids in the airline industry to me. You just know that anything they have their hands in is going to be pretty sweet (case and point below–how cute are the JetBlue cocktails!).  They hosted the party on the Gansevoort Park Hotel’s rooftop space. And the people from Savannah are just as sweet as they come. I went to the party knowing no one and think I had made about five new friends by the time I left! God bless the South! Miles, CEO of the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce explained to us all how the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport has truly changed the face of the South Carolina Lowcountry in the last 20 years and explained that the airport is entering a new chapter with the addition of JetBlue.

jet blue savannah jfk nonstop flight

“We know that, every day, JetBlue is being asked by many communities to come into their market,” Miles said. “We’re honored that they have chosen Savannah and Hilton Head and we’re here tonight, not just for the inaugural flight, but to make sure JetBlue is successful in our market day and day out.”

Mark Powers, CFO of JetBlue, presented models of JetBlue aircraft to Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson, Hilton Head Mayor Drew Laughlin, Bluffton Mayor Lisa Sulka and Savannah Airport Commission Chairman Sylvester Formey. It was really exciting to see how vested JetBlue really is in each of its destination cities.

Bragging about the comforts and modern conveniences of JB’s planes – “more legroom, with wifi and live TV on the way” – Powers announced that JetBlue has already bumped up the size of the planes that will service Savannah to 150-seaters–he then explained that “To put this in perspective, Pittsburgh is still flying E190s (fewer seats) and we’ve been in that market for five years,” he said. “You guys haven’t even started and you’ve already upgraded to 150-seaters.!”

I am pleased to report that the inaugural flight took off and landed this AM before most of us New Yorkers awoke to the glorious snowstorm here. Leave it to JetBlue to get their flights out on time on a day like today (#SnowpacolypseContinues for those of you not on the East Coast–it’s miserable). Passengers Savannah, Bluffton and Hilton Head-bound joined JetBlue execs and crew at JFK Airport this morning for a traditional Lowcountry breakfast and party while I was still in bed (thanks for not inviting me to that one guys!). The party took place just before boarding JetBlue Flight 841 for its inaugural flight to Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. The flight landed in Savannah shortly after 9:30! (Only like 1.5 hours in the air–crazy,right?)

As y’all know, I enjoyed my time in Charleston, South Carolina (and also in Kiaweh island) so much this summer so I cannot wait to head down to Savannah and Hilton Head and see what they’ve got to offer. It’s been a while since I have been to HHI (I had braces the last time), but I intend to collect me some sand dollars and party low-country style sometime soon (#TakeMeAway from the cold!). I sure wish I had been invited on that flight last night!

Check out JetBlue for more information about daily nonstop service from JFK to SAV! Also starting soon–nonstop flights from JFK to Piarco International Airport serving Trinidad and Tobago! More on that later!

Have you been to Savannah or Hilton Head lately? Where are your favorite luxury spots?

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