The Wauwinet Hotel, 8 Luxury Things in Athens, Qatar Airways Business Class Review & a Little Cocktail History in Cuba!

This month has flown by! I myself am fresh off a trip from South Africa! It was truly one of those life-changing vacations! I cannot wait to write all about it for you lovelies! It was just magnificent–the hotels, the safaris, the food, the people, the history–everything was marvelous. So while I get to my photo editing and writing over many glasses of South African Pinotage, I will share what some of my favorite luxury travelers at the Luxury Travel Blog Network have been up to!

The lovely Nadine Jolie headed East (though I got to see her in LA–lucky me!) and checked out Nantucket. She stayed at the lovely Wauwinet Hotel and made me realize how much I need to go there myself! Quite a picturesque coastal escape if you ask me! Though truly they had me at complimentary cheese, sherry and board games!

Then, Kim-Marie over at Luxury Travel Mom gives a run down about cocktail history. Like how she does that? Makes drinking seem like it’s educational? It must be her maternal instinct–err something. I kid, she does give some unique facts that she picked up on her trip to Cuba! She’ll educate you on just why the mojitos in Cuba are the best in the world–and Ernest Hemingway happens to agree, so who are we to argue!

Next up, Mrs. O Around the World gives us a taste of what Business Class is like on Qatar Airways on the Dreamliner B787 from Doha to London. The pictures are so beautiful they actually hurt to look at. When you imagine flying in style, this is how you dream it to be. Warning: You may never find any other aircraft suitable after seeing these photos. Oh, and Mrs. O said the food was incredible? Have you ever heard of “incredible” plane food? Wow.

And finally, we check in with our resident Luxury Travel Blog Network dude, Paul over at A Luxury Travel Blog who shares 8 amazing things he saw in Athens! From a gastronomy museum (yum!) to cool street graffiti to Parkour at the Acropolis, this post has me wanting to head back to Greece this summer!


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