How to Avoid Passport Robbers and Keep Your Passport Safe–even in a Hotel Room

As I mentioned yesterday, even though I have so much luxury content that I need to catch up on–hello 10 hotel reviews I still need to do from South Africa! #ISwearTheyreComing I wanted to answer some questions that I frequently get asked via email from tons of different readers about some general travel tips. I thought it would be more helpful to share my answers on the blog with all of y’all–just a few thousand of my closest friends. Up today? How to avoid getting your passport stolen.

Here is a video I did giving my best advice for how to avoid losing your passport and tricks to plan for the worst.

Your passport is your key to traveling the world and getting a replacement is not an easy task. Read: It’s a huge pain in the bum! So you’ll want to guard the one you have very carefully so you can avoid losing it at all costs.

Avoid passport robbers

The first thing to do is Plan for the worst. Keep an email copy of your passport. Scan and send this to yourself so you have it in the event that you lose it.

Next, you’ll want to Keep your passport safely locked away if possibleTraveling with it on you increases likelihood of possible loss. Leave your passport in your room safe, a locker or lock box at front desk. If that’s not an option and you’re going out–especially drinking–leave it well-hidden in the room.

Many people think that there is a direct correlation between how nice your hotel is and the likelihood that you may get your passport stolen–but that’s not always the case (I’m sorry to say!) Theft can happen anywhere–whether you’re in a Five Star hotel or a shared room of a hostel (eek! Thank goodness we’re not 21 anymore).

If you happen to be staying in a hotel that doesn’t have a safe or if you’re perhaps staying in an apartment rental, here are some tricks for how to keep your passport safe.

Try and lock your suitcase with either a combination lock or a key. It’s a lot harder to walk away with an entire suitcase. Another trick seasoned travelers use is to bring a roll of tape and tape your passport underneath a sink or drawer where robbers won’t necessarily think to look. You can also put in middle of mattress after bed has been made. Out of sight from a simple mattress lift. Finally, you can try to hide it in plain sight, in your toiletries or in a pile of clothes or papers. BUT Don’t hide from self too well that you forget where you put it.

If you must take it with you or feel that it won’t be safe back at the hotel, keep a close eye on it at all times–this means staying alert so don’t drink too much. Many opt to wear a money belt that fits under your clothes but I personally don’t love this option as it can be uncomfortable and often doesn’t go with my outfit!   If you’re carrying your passport, you won’t want to stick out–put your giant maps and cameras away and try and be inconspicuous and avoid anything that makes you a target.

And finally–the most important advice is don’t forget to take your passport with you when you leave! I know you may think this doesn’t need repeating, but trust me–it does! I have almost left my passport on several occasions when I’ve needed to hide it.

What are you favorite tricks? Let me know in the comments!

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