Five Unique Casinos Worth Visiting in the World

Gambling may not be my thing, but I’m certainly in the minority in the travel world! Since I don’t know much about casinos, this post is brought to you by the good folks over at Full Tilt Casinos online. We’re very grateful they took the time to stop by and we appreciate their advertising support so we can keep bringing you all the fabulous luxe travel content!

Casinos of course can be found throughout the world and are popular stops for travelers looking to try their luck, enjoy unique entertainment, sample often world-class cuisine, party, or just sightsee.  For casino experiences sure to impress your friends, they have compiled a list of a few of world’s most unique.

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Rio Casino Resort, South Africa

Casinos, like many other attractions, are often visited based on their size.  That makes The Rio in Klerksdorp, which is a few hours from Johannesburg, a must visit.  The casino ranks in the top 10 worldwide and is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.  The Rio, unlike the other casinos in the same size range, is decidedly less crowded.  The casino has approximately 100 less gaming machines than its similar sized counterparts, and only about a dozen table games as compared to the several hundred found in its peers.  For those players looked for even less crowds, the Rio does offer a salon prive for high-rollers.

Monte Carlo Casino

Located in the heart of Monaco, this fabulous and famed entertainment complex was actually once owned by Princess Caroline of Monaco! What a smart business mind she had, eh!? Anyway, numerous films feature this lovely and luxe casino! Definitely a must-see for anyone interested in gambling!

Saloon #10, Deadwood, South Dakota

Most casinos downplay events that are considered to be “negative” by potential visitors, partially because casino players have the reputation of being very superstitious.  Saloon #10 (originally named Nuttal & Mann’s) in Deadwood, South Dakota is a notable exception and actively promotes one of the most notorious incidents in their long history.  Saloon #10 was “Wild Bill” Hickok’s favorite place to play poker. He had a regular table and always played with his back to the wall.  On August 2, 1876, Hickok joined a game but was unable to convince another player to change seats with him and ended up sitting with his back to the door.  Jack McCall entered the saloon and shot Hickok, killing him instantly.  Hickok was playing five-card draw at the time and held a pair of Aces and a pair of eights, which became known as the “Dead Man’s Hand.”  Saloon #8 not only promotes the iconic event, but offers a bounty to players that win holding Hickok’s hand.

Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

The term “underground” casino normally has negative connotations, but that is not the case with the gaming area of the Desert Cave Hotel.  The Hotel is located in Australia’s Outback in Coober Pedy.  The area is well known for its opal mines. It is also known for its very high temperatures.   The casino area, and in fact most of the rooms and restaurants are located underground.

The Moulin Rouge, Las Vegas

The Moulin Rouge was the first casino to be listed on the US National Register of Historic Places.  The casino opened its doors in 1955 and was the first totally desegregated casino resort in the US. It soon became a popular party spot for a large number of A-list celebrities of the time.  The Moulin Rouge declared bankruptcy in November of 1955 and the casino was shuttered. A series of fires have ravaged the boarded up building throughout the years, however, the Moulin Rouge Casino still exists.  In order to maintain the gambling license, the Moulin Rouge opens for eight hours every two years with a minimum of 15 slot machines.  The last time the Moulin Rouge was open was in June 2014, which was the first time that any players had showed up to play.  The next time the Moulin Rouge will be open is sometime in June 2016.

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