Tips for Finding the Best Pizza in New York City

As a New Yorker, I of course think that we have the best pizza in the world. If you’re visiting New York, you need to make sure you try the best we have to offer and trust me, not all slices are created equal! Here are some tips for finding the best classic New York style pizza!

If you’re looking for a true New York slice avoid the places that say $1—unless your drunk or totally in need of a cheap meal. If you’re looking for the best slide though, keep walking.

Avoid touristy areas and do your research online. There are blogs and blogs dedicated to who has the best NYC slice. You don’t want to blow your first slice on something that is undeserving.

Here’s what you’ll want to look for when you go in search of the perfect slice:

Ask if they’re cooking the pizza in a coal oven. Make sure the crust has a nice char on the bottom and on the crust to be sure.Make sure you can see the sauce underneath the cheese. Too much cheese is a no go!

Some of the most classic NY places like John’s or Lombardi’s only serve pies but they’re amazing! If you’re looking for slices, Bleecker Street Pizza and Joe’s Pizza are both institutions. Artichoke’s grandma slice is to die for. But there are so many more! Just know that there are a million “Original Ray’s” and they’re all lies. Prince Street Pizza took over the real “Original Ray’s” or so the story goes…

artichoke basille best pizza new york

The most essential New York Slice is the plain, or what you may call a cheese. There are other fun slices though like Baked Ziti slices, Buffalo Chicken slices and of course the grandma slices which are thin square slices made with lots of garlic. When choosing your slice, the fresher the better. Never go for the slice that’s been sitting around for hours.

No matter what, it’s difficult to find a bad slice! So whatever you like and wherever you try it just remember to enjoy, fold it in half like a real New Yorker—and don’t burn the roof of your mouth!

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