Help Build a Positive Online Community for Women with RUBY

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A very close friend and fellow travel writer, Katarina Kovacevic, is launching a new kind of online woman’s magazine that I’m really excited about! RUBY will promote female camaraderie, support sisterhood and inspire women to make a difference in the world. It’s such a beautiful concept. Can you imagine how powerful we would be if we were supporting each other instead of tearing each other down?

Right now Katarina is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise additional start-up funds for RUBY – check it out, share it with friends and make a pledge if you like the sound of RUBY’s mission. I donated and would donate more if I could!

I’ve met a lot of awesome women in the travel blogging community who have offered advice, connected me to great people, and helped promote my posts and articles. I love the idea of RUBY because it’ll help build a community where women support and champion their fellow female – something I think we could all get behind!

Here’s a bit more info about what RUBY will cover:

  • News and events from around the world that are important to women
  • Profiles of women coming together to do big, bold things
  • Honest advice and commentary on female friendships
  • Of course, travel! RUBY will inspire a sense of adventure in travel and in everyday life

Help build a positive online community for women by supporting RUBY on Kickstarter!


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